April 16, 2006

Results from Korean national team trials

Because I'm not sure how many people will wade through the 116+ comment thread below where this info was initially posted, I'm posting results here from the Korean team trials that took place this weekend (April 15 and 16).

The trials selected 15 men and 15 women who will take part in an additional selection event in September to determine the Korean national team for next season.

Overall – Male
1. Sung Si-baek (81 points)
2. Lee Ho-suk (63 points)
3. Ahn Hyun-soo (55 points)
4. Kim Hyun-gon (45 points)
5. Oh Se-jong (24 points)
6. Kim Byung-joon (23 points)
7. Ahn Joong-hyun (18 points)
8. Lee Seung-hoon (8 points)
9. Lee Hyun-sung (5 points)
10. Song Suk-woo
11. Cho Nam-kyu
12. Seo Ho-jin
13. Lee Seung-jae
14. Kim Tae-hoon
15. Song Kyung-taek

Overall – Female
1. Jin Sun-yu (81 points)
2. Byun Chun-sa (68 points)
3. Jung Eun-ju (43.5 points)
4. Park Sun-young (42 points)
5. Jeon Ji-su (26 points)
6. Kang Yun-mi (19.5 points)
7. Choi Jung-won (16points)
8. Choi Eun-kyung (13 points)
9. Ryu Bin-na (3 points)
10. Lee Ha-kyung
11. Cho Hae-ri
12. Jung Ba-ra
13. Kwon Su-hyun
14. Kim Min-jung
15. Kye Min-jung

Thanks much to Eun-mi for this info and please see her posts in the thread below this one for some fascinating additional commentary and details on the event results.

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March 19, 2006

U.S. National Short Track Championships - day 3 & 4 results

[update]: Detailed results are available from USS. I want to add congrats to Simon Cho who swept all 4 distances to win the juvenile age group, way to go man! Caroline Hallisey competed in the Intermediate age group rather than seniors, where she also swept all the distances. Way to go!

Again, congratulations to all the skaters who took part in nationals especially OZers Cho, Cassie Dins, who won her first nationals medal (relay bronze) and Nick Ah Kun, who promises to write up his experiences for us.

Top 3 men:
Travis Jayner (bronze), Jordan Malone (gold), J.P. Kepka (silver)
J.P. was unavailable for the photo but love Travis rockin' the J.P. tee!

Top 3 women:
Lezleigh Jaworski (bronze), Tina Koenig (gold), Amy Peterson (silver)

Congratulations to all the skaters on their outstanding performances!

World team: Jordan Malone and J.P. Kepka will join pre-qualified teammates Rusty Smith, Alex Izykowski and Anthony Lobello on the World team. On the ladies side, Tina Koenig, Amy Peterson and Lezleigh Jaworski will skate at Worlds alongside pre-qualified teammates Allison Baver and Kimberly Derrick. Halie Kim was also pre-qualified but declined her spot on the World team due to her Achilles injury.

Rusty, Alex and Anthony will skate individually for men and Allison and Kimberly will skate individually for women at Worlds in Minneapolis. I'm told Jordan will also skate at World Teams in Montreal.

Special mention: Travis Jayner skated awesome for 3rd place overall, and that final spot on the World team came down to the last race. In an ideal world (which apparently doesn't exist in short track), he'd be on that World team too -- but his day will come! And let's hear it for 34 year old 5-time Olympian Amy Peterson coming out of retirement to make another World team!

Day 3 (Saturday):

Women's 500m podium: Sophia Milan (bronze), Cherise Wilkins (gold), Lezleigh Jaworski (silver)

Men's 500m podium: Jeff Simon (bronze), J.P. Kepka (gold), Jordan Malone (silver)

Thanks to Alex Strauss for overall results and Peggy Aitken for sending podium photos!

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March 17, 2006

U.S. National Short Track Championships - day 1 & 2 results [updated]

Day 2: Full results from Friday aren't available just yet but thanks to various operatives on the net, we know the men's and women's medalists, and here they are.

Great smiles from the men's 1500m medalists: J.P. Kepka (bronze), Jordan Malone (gold), Travis Jayner (silver)

1500m medalists: Amy Peterson (bronze), Tina Koenig (gold), Lezleigh Jaworski (silver)

Congrats to them all and thanks to Peggy Aitken for the photos!

Unofficially (because it's according to my calculations) standings are as follows:
Men: 1. Malone (68 pts), 2 (tie). Jayner and Kepka (34 pts)
Women: 1. Koenig (68 pts), 2. Peterson (30 pts), 3. Jaworski (22.1 pts)

Day 1: Nationals got underway yesterday in Verona, Wisconsin with time trials to seed the top 16 men and women in the senior-elite division.

This is the national championships and also the event that will determine the team that will represent the USA at World Teams and World Championships later this month. Those who skated individually in Torino have an automatic bye onto the World team and are not competing at nationals.

Here are the top 10 after yesterday's time trials:
1. Jordan Malone: 1st 9lap TT;1st 4 lap TT; TP34
2. J.P. Kepka: 2nd 9lap TT; 2nd 4 lap TT; TP 21
3. Travis Jayner: 3rd 9lap TT; 3rd4 lap TT; TP 13
4. Jeff Simon: 5th 9lap TT; 4th 4lap TT; TP 6.5
5. Trevor Marsicano: 4th 9lap TT; 6th 4lap TT; TP 5.5
6. Ryan Bedford: 6th 9lap TT; 5th 4lap TT; TP 4.0
7. Joey Lindsey
8. Thomas Anderson
9. Levi Kirkpatrick
10. Levi Sinak

1. Tina Koenig: 1st 9lap TT; 1st 4lap TT; Total Points 34
2. Amy Peterson: 3rd 9lap TT; 2nd 4lap TT; TP 17
3. Sarah Lang: 2nd 9lap TT; 8th 4lap TT; TP 11
4. Lezleigh Jaworski: 5th 9lap TT; 3rd 4lap TT; TP 9.1
5. Katherine Reutter: 4th 9lap TT; 7th 4lap TT; TP 5.0
6. Alyson Dudek: 7th 9lap TT; 4th 4lap TT; TP 5.0
7. Cherise Wilkins
8. Jade Wheeler
9. Hannah Dyrud
10. Rebekah Dyrud

Full results here

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March 11, 2006

American Cup 3 [updated]

[update] Video of American Cup races is available online courtesy of Fred Gilbert and MidAtlantic Speed Skating.

American Cup 3 took place last weekend in Saratoga Springs. They had a huge turnout (34 women, 38 men), including a large contingent of Canadian skaters who traveled south to take part.

David Wang, Caleb Cummings, Jordan Malone, Carri Gray, Teaghan O'Driscoll, Nikki Leblanc, Mary Jane Roper, Sarah O'Connor

Overall results
1. Jessica Gregg (CAN), 2. Tina Koenig (USA), 3. Amy Peterson (USA), 4. Katherine Reutter (USA), 5. Cherise Wilkins (USA)
Men: 1. Steven Friesen (CAN), 2. Michael Gilday (CAN), 3. Jordan Malone (USA), 4. Ryan Bedford (USA), 5. Michael Friesen (CAN)

A few tidbits:
- Gregg represented Canada at Junior Worlds in January, where she won 500m bronze.
- Peterson came out of retirement this season in an attempt to make her 6th Olympic team.
- Reutter, who trains in the USOEC program in Marquette, represented the USA at Junior Worlds this year and was the top-ranked junior skater for the weekend as well as for the overall American Cup series.
- Malone broke his ankle in November and still managed to compete at the Olympic trials in December. Looks like he's continuing to recover nicely!
- Bedford is the reigning U.S. Junior Champion (also 2004 U.S. Jr. Champion). He has represented the USA the past 2 years at the Junior World Championships.

Group shot - sorry, I don't have names for everyone
L to R front: Teaghan O'Driscoll, Cari Gray, Caleb Cummings, Derek Gray, Jimmy Jang, Jordane Malone, Tina Koeing, Sophia Milan, Mary Grace, Cherise Wilkins, Nikki Leblanc, Mary Jane Roper, Sarah O'Connor
Middle: third from right is Sadie Grace, then Simon Cho and Trevor Marsicano
Back: Michael Friesen, Steven Friesen, Ryan Bedford, Levi Sinak, Levi Kirkpatrick, Alex Strauss, Kevin Gemeinder, David Wang

photos by Peggy Aitken

Complete results - American Cup 3

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February 4, 2006

More photos from Lake Placid

Many thanks to Rosalie for sharing these great shots she got of U.S. and Canadian skaters earlier this week in Lake Placid! See the whole gallery: Faces in Lake Placid

Apolo Ohno with a nice smile for Rosalie!

Travis Jayner and Alex Izykowski

Kaylna Roberge and Jonathan Guilmette

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February 2, 2006

Lake Placid report & photos from Alex Strauss

Alex was in attendance this week in Lake Placid and as promised, he provided loads of photos and commentary, which follow:

1500 A final Men: 1. Ohno, 2. Turcotte, 3. Hamelin
1500 A final Women: 1. Halie, 2. Can, 3. Can

Both finals were pretty weird. Both had a crew of 5 Canadians and only one American to take them on. But the best part is the lone American competitors won both the men's and the women's finals!!!! (Note: Halie was DQ'ed later after finishing 1st in the women's final.)

Olivier Jean, Apolo Ohno, Charles Hamelin, Mathieu Turcotte

Amanda Overland leading Anouk Leblanc-Boucher, Kalyna Roberge and Halie Kim

500 A Final Men: 1. Hamelin, 2. Flou, 3. Ohno
500 A Final Women: 1. Can, 2. Can, 3. USA

The men's final was crazy, in the middle of the race Bedard tried to make a move, slipped and almost took out Apolo, this then left the two remaining Canadians to race it out, but rather than relax and do nothing, Hamelin and Flou raced it out hard and still gave the crowd a show.

1000M A final Men: 1. Oliver Jean, 2. Robillard, 3. Ohno, 4. Guilmette
1000M A final women: 1.Halie, 2. Can, 3. Can

On the women's side, Halie put together a good win, with lots of passing and a good fast pace, something rarely seen in the women's events. The men’s final was nice as well, Olivier Jean took the lead with about 3 laps to go and picked up the pace so no one could make any moves and took home the win for Canada.

Jean was really blazing out there this whole comp. Regardless of the fact that he has a lot less to lose by falling or getting hurt (cuz he’s not going to Italy) he still showed that he can skate with the best in the world and give them a run for their money!!!

An honorable mention in this event would be Travis Jayner, who made it through a tough tough heat and got taken out in a messy fall in the semis. I know it sucks man but the Gravy Train keeps on rollin, you’ll get em later!!

The Gravy Train!

Women's relay Final: 1. USA, 2. CAN, 3. USA
Men's relay Final: 1. CAN(White), 2. CAN (Red), 3. USA (A team), 4. USA

In a hotly contested final with tons of passing, the USA women took home the gold in the relay and showed everyone that they're ready for Italy. The guys' race seemed to be tight between the 2 Canadian teams, USA put up a good fight and held on for most of the race but fell off later in the race when Canada stepped it up with the White team lead by Flou taking the win.

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Lake Placid photos [updated]

Many thanks to Alex Strauss for sending a bunch of photos from the event and Lake Placid. To see all his photos from Lake Placid, check out the gallery.

Hi Alex! (Alex on right with a fellow Saratoga Springs skater)

Olivier Jean, Apolo Ohno, Mathieu Turcotte, Remi Beaulieu in the heatbox


USA men warming up

Great closeup of Mathieu Turcotte leading Rusty Smith and Steve Robillard

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February 1, 2006

Lake Placid day 2 by Junko [updated 2/2]

Junko checks in with this report:

I guess it didn't matter who won the race because practically nobody DQed, especially true in today's 1000m. Yesterday Charles Hamelin suddenly quit skating in the middle of 500m because I guess Eric Bedard's blade intercepted Charles' and he slipped and skidded after that. Ice seemed thick in one area (maybe more than one areas). Some other skaters quit skating in yesterday's races too. In a real competition, that's unthinkable.
Today we had 1000m and relays again. Lots of skaters slipped and fell at one corner today. Travis Jayner had a few nasty falls and so did Jordan Malone.
Olivier Jean skated fast! He looked happy to skate and participate in the event. Jonathan Guilmette was strong!
If I am not mistaken women's 1000m A final was 1. Anouk Leblanc-Boucher, 2.Allison Baver 3.Tania Vicent, 3.Raphaele Lemieux. (I marked 1 and 2 but 3 and 4, I am not sure.)
Men's 1000m A is 1. Jean, 2. Steve Robillard, 3. Apolo Ohno, 4, Guilmette. I assessed that skaters who will go to Olympics don't want to damage their blades. Apolo slipped a little too. Bad ice! They could be more competitive but they didn't.

[Thurs. morning update from Junko]

Roberge opted not to skate this time, so yesterday's B final for women had only three skaters. So the semi as well as heat before had three skaters in certain group. I don't know who skated for her for the relay. When I first saw Anouk compete in their trials a few years ago, she was petite and short dark hair with red accent. She is now taller, so that bigger, with long blond hair. Melanie also changed her hair color to dark brown for now. Olivier has dreadlocks as ever.

Apolo signs an autograph for the man who said he was 28. Must have meant the helmet number!

Rusty took the wrong lane. He was requested by the starter to move back to his correct positioning. Steve with helmet 25, Jeff Simon with 35, next to Apolo, Rusty in action with helmet 2(0) Charles? and first lane was Remi?

Thanks so much Junko for the photos and tidbits!

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Lake Placid photos

Thanks to Junko for sending these in! Junko reports:

"Athletes are almost all relaxed and laid back as well as all officials. Me too. And as you can tell by the photos, there weren't too many spectators this evening. The atmosphere was yet warm and friendly.
I spent most of the evening when down time talking to a super nice gentleman sitting next to me. Oh, one incident: That gentleman asked how old Apolo was and I told him he was 23. Some guy said he was 28. I said, "No, he is 23 years old." A woman behind me said, "No, Apolo is 28 and I know he is 28". She was insistent. I didn't quit yet and said one more time, "No, he is 23." The nice gentleman commented smiling, "She said 28, now do you agree with her?" I had to reply, "No, I don't. Apolo was born in 1982, he cannot be 28." I was insistent too."

Those spectators obviously don't know who they're dealing with!

1500m A final: Jonathan Guilmette, Mathieu Turcotte, Olivier Jean, Apolo Ohno, Charles Hamelin, Remi Beaulieu

1500m B final: Maria Garcia, Cherise Wilkins, Kimberly Derrick, Tina Koenig, Allison Baver, Caroline Hallisey, Sarah Lang

Men's 1500m: Apart from Robillard, Turcotte and Ohno - not sure who's who

500m: JP Kepka, Apolo Ohno, Francois Louis-Tremblay, Olivier Jean

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Lake Placid day 1

The USA vs. Canada tuneup competition began yesterday in Lake Placid with 1500m and 500m races.

Kalyna Roberge won the women's 1500m A final ahead of four teammates, including Olympians Tania Vicent in 2nd and Amanda Overland in 3rd. The only American in the race, Hyo-jung Kim, who will skate the 1500m in Torino, was disqualified. Allison Baver, who will also skate the 1500n in Torino, won the 1500m B final.

Apolo Ohno, representing the USA in the 1500m in Torino, won the men's 1500m A final ahead of a passel of Canadian men. Rusty Smith won the B final. Alex Izykowski, the other U.S. 1500m skater in Torino, did not finish. There were an unusual number of DNFs last night.

Canadian Olympian Anouk Leblanc-Boucher won the womens 500m A final with Baver, who will skate this distance in Torino, 2nd. Halie Kim isn't listed in the 500m results.

A pair of Canadians -- Olympians Charles Hamelin and Francois Louis-Tremblay -- tied for 1st in the men's 500m A final with a time of 43.25. Ohno was 3rd in 1:17.73 -- looks like he may have gotten knocked down by Eric Bedard, who was disqualified.

See complete results; photos from Junko are coming!

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January 24, 2006

USA to take on Canada in Lake Placid speed skating exhibition

It's official! From a press release by the Lake Placid Olympic Region Development Authority:

Teams Come to Lake Placid for Pre-Olympic Tune-Up January 31-February 1 Before Heading to Torino

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. – The United States and Canadian Short Track Speed Skating teams are making a pre-Olympic training stop in Lake Placid January 31-February 1 as the teams prepare for 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.

The two teams take to the ice in short track exhibitions from 5pm – 9pm both days in the famed 1980 Rink Herb Brooks Arena. The athletes have made the American and Canadian Olympic Speed Skating teams and all are expected to be in Lake Placid before heading overseas to Torino.

Members of the U.S. Olympic team include 2002 Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno, top female skater Hyo-Jung Kim as well as Olympians Allison Baver, J.P. Kepka, Rusty Smith and Caroline Hallisey. Also on the team and making their Olympic debut will be Alex Izykowski, Anthony Lobello, Kimberly Derrick and Maria Garcia.

Skating for the Canadians will be Francois-Louis Tremblay, Mathieu Turcotte, Jonathan Guilmette and Charles Hamelin. Tremblay was part of the gold-medal winning relay team at Salt Lake and was third in the overall standings at the 2005 World Championships.

Daily tickets to the exhibitions are $8 for adults, $5 for juniors/seniors. All seats are general admission.

More info

Although the press release doesn't confirm this, the last I heard was the 3 next-ranked male and female skaters from both countries will take part as well, for a total of 16 skaters from each country.

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January 22, 2006

European Championships results

The European Championships wrapped up today in Poland. Nicola Rodigari won the overall title after winning 2 golds (1500m, 500m) and 1 silver (1000m). Fabio Carta came alive today to win gold in the 1000m and 3000m after not figuring in the first 2 days of competition, giving the 7-time European Champion 2nd overall. Third place overall went to Belgium's Pieter Gysel who won 3 silvers (1500m, 500m and 3000m).

Evgenia Radanova dominated the women's competition with a sweep of all the major distances. Her golds in the 1500m, 500m and 1000m gave La Radanova her 6th European title. Fifteen year old Italian sensation Arianna Fontana clinched 2nd overall with a pair of silvers (500m, 3000m) and a bronze (1500m). Her teammate Katia Zini came from behind on the weekend to win the 3000m and with it 3rd overall on the weekend.

Italy's men's and women's relay teams were both victorious today.

This is great for the Italians heading into next month's Olympic Games! It's important for them to be considered as medal contenders on their home ice.

Radanova picks her way through the carnage of the 3000m superfinal

Evgenia Radanova (C) of Bulgaria tries to continue the race as Netherland's Liesbeth Mau Asam (R), Hungary's Erika Huszar (L) and Italy's Marta Capurso (in blue) lie on the ice during the women's 3,000m final race of the European Short Track speed skating team championships in Krynica Zdroj, southern Poland, January 22, 2006. Italy's Katia Zini finished first ahead of Arianna Fontana of Italy and Stephanie Bouvier of France. REUTERS/Peter Andrews

Men's 1000m medalists

Gold medalist Fabio Carta (C) of Italy, silver medalist Thibaut Fauconnet (R) of France and bronze medalist Nicola Rodigari (L) of Italy stand on the podium after the men's 1,000m final race of the European Short Track speed skating team championships in Krynica Zdroj, southern Poland, January 22, 2006. REUTERS/Peter Andrews

[Update] The Torino organizing committee is certainly crowing about the Italians' success!

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January 9, 2006

U.S. Junior World Team and day 3 recap

I always love the team shots! For lots more great photos from the final day of competition, check the gallery. Many thanks to Beth and Phil Bedford for providing photos and updates - they really went above and beyond the call of duty, struggling with outdated computers in smoky Internet cafes to bring us the news from Romania!

by Phil Bedford

Posing at the end of the competition are (clockwise from top left) Jeff Simon, coach Tricia Stennes, team leader Adam Riedy, Ryan Bedford, trainer Peter Toohey, J.R. Celski, Lana Gehring, Katherine Reutter and Carly Wilson

Courtesy of Beth Bedford, here is a recap of the final day of competition in Romania:

In the 1000s Carly made it to the quarter finals, Katherine and Lana made it to the heats. They all skated well, but these are very hard heats at the Jr. Worlds. In the boys, Jeff fell in the heat and then fell through the blocks. He was dq'd for off track, which means that he didn't go back around the block when he got back up.

In the quarter finals, JR and Nick Bean both fell when they got tripped up by another skater that fell. JR and Nick hurt their backs and they could not get up. They stopped the race and then restarted it. Nick and JR are OK, but were dq'd for not finishing the race. Ryan made it to the semis and was a close 3rd. Frank ended up 3rd in the final. Another medal for the Canadians.

In the relay, because Nick could hardly skate with his back, the Canadians ended up second, but they skated with everything they had, only getting past in the last couple of laps.

In the super 1500, JR competed with a sore back and skated really well. All of the races were exciting. The banquet was last night and the skaters had a great time dancing and trading their "skating clothes" with other skaters from other countries.

It was an interesting crowd in that they really did cheer for the skaters from Hungary. The Romanian skaters didn't make it out of many prelims, so they really cheered for the Hungary skaters and the European skaters when skating against the Asian skaters. I guess it is universal that people cheer to beat the Koreans.

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January 8, 2006

Junior Worlds, day 2 (relays, super final and overall results)

J.R. Celski, Frank Hamelin and Jessica Gregg were all eligible to skate in the 1500m super finals today based on their performances this weekend. Frank and J.R. finished 4th and 6th, respectively, and Jessica was 6th. Congratulations to all three on their top-8 overall performances!

Congratulations also to the Canadian men, who took silver in the relay final behind France. Looked like an exciting race and France must have come from behind at the very end to snatch the gold! The Canadian women finished 4th in their relay final. Great effort by both teams!

Canadian and French men on the relay podium (l to r): Joel Mineau, Nick Bean, Frank Hamelin, Jeremy Masson, Xavier Charpentier, Maxime Chataignier

Men's overall classification
1. Sung-ju Lee (KOR) 76 pts
2. Maxime Chataignier (FRA) 47
3. Jae-han Kim (KOR) 42
4. Robert Seifert (GER) 39
5. Seung-hoon Lee (KOR) 34 - didn't skate the super final??
6. Dariusz Kulesza (POL) 23
7. Francois Hamelin (CAN) 21
8. J.R. Celski (USA) 16
10. Joel Mineau (CAN) 5
13. Nicholas Bean (CAN)
20. Ryan Bedford (USA)
23. Jeff Simon (USA)

Ladies' overall classification
1. Eun-ju Jung (KOR) 115 pts
2. Jung-won Choi (KOR) 63
3. Yang Zhou (CHN) 50
4. Arianna Fontana (ITA) 29
5. Jessica Gregg (CAN) 18
11. Valerie Maltais (CAN)
16. Carly Wilson (USA)
18. Andrea Do-Duc (CAN)
35. Katherine Reutter (USA)
40. Lana Gehring (USA)

US Speedskating | U.S. Boys Finish in Top 25 at Jr. World Championship

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Junior Worlds, day 2 - 1000m results

Men's 1000m podium: Sung-ju Lee (KOR) silver, Maxime Chataignier (FRA) gold, Frank Hamelin (CAN) bronze

Congratulations to Canada's Frank Hamelin on his bronze medal in the men's 1000m today in Romania! The men's medals were a majority-French affair, with Maxime Chataignier, who had a strong season on the World Cup circuit, taking gold for France. Silver went to Sung-ju Lee of Korea. The 4th skater, Jae-han Kim (KOR) was disqualified.

Ryan Bedford made it all the way to the 1000m semis today where he finished 3rd, just missing that spot in the final. Congrats, Ryan!

USA's J.R. Celski and Canada's Nick Bean, both skating in the same 1000m quarter final race ,are listed as DNF. Jeff Simon was eliminated after being disqualified in the heats in a bizarre race in which 3 of 5 skaters received DQs. [explanation from USS of J.R.'s and Jeff's races here] Canada's Joel Mineau was DQ'ed in the heats.

On the women's side, Carly Wilson made it as far as the quarter finals before being eliminated.Lana Gehring was eliminated in the heats and Katherine Reutter in the preliminaries. Among the Canadian women, Valerie Maltais had a strong day, making it to the 1000m semis, where she finished 4th. Andrea Do-Doc and Jessica Gregg were eliminated in their quarter finals.

The women's 1000m final was a race between the three Korean women and a long Chinese skater (Yang Zhou). Gold and silver both went to Korea with China earning bronze after the disqualification of the 3rd Korean.

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January 7, 2006

More photos from day 2 in Romania

For more photos of the Americans and Canadians at Junior Worlds, check out the new photo gallery. Thanks again to Phil Bedford for the photos and Beth Bedford for commentary and captions!

Baby it's cold inside: "The sun finally came out today and it is very cold. The Canadians said it was -14 C in the rink. That is one cold rink to be sitting in." That's about 7 Fahrenheit.

Carly Wilson skates in her 500m quarter final (click the photo for more)

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Congratulations to J.R. Celski, 500m bronze medalist! [updates added]

500m podium: Dariusz Kulesza POL (silver), Robert Seifert GER (gold), JR Celski USA (bronze)

J.R. Celski took bronze in the men's 500m final at Junior Worlds today in Romania. Judging by times, it's clear J.R. got caught up in a spill of some kind along with the Korean and Chinese skaters. Way to go, J.R.! Things were more balanced today with only one Korean man in the men's final.

Commentary from the Bedfords:
"All the prelims went without much surprise. Then in the heats, some of the top skaters were just plain out-skated. A couple of falls happened, but mostly the skaters that made it to the quarters were meant to be there. Then in the quarters, there were falls, dq's and advancements. Most of the falls happened within the last 3 seconds of the race, so skaters in 4th position advanced. In the semi's, more dq's which led to 5 in the final. In the final, the Korean skater fell about 2 seconds from the start, but it wasn't called back. I'm not sure if there was contact or not. Then 2 laps later, the skater from China that was leading, just fell on his own. A half-lap later, JR fell but got up quick and finished 3rd. It was the strangest set of 500's I have seen. It really turned the leader board into a multi-national site."

Jessica Gregg of Canada had a strong race on the women's side to earn bronze in the 500m. Good show, North America! It's refreshing to see a number of Europeans reaching (and medaling in) these finals as well! Arianna Fontana in particular seems to be developing into a force to be reckoned with on the Italian team.

Arianna Fontana ITA (silver), Eun-ju Jung KOR (gold), Jessica Gregg CAN (bronze)

Additional commentary from the Bedfords:
"Jessica won all of her races leading up to the final. She has a rocket start and is the junior world record holder in the 500. She is such a pretty skater. She was leading and then got passed on the outside with less than 2 laps to go. Go Canada."

"Katherine Reutter fell in her quarter final and Carly Wilson skated really well to get into the semi's. Lana Gehring skated a good prelim, but finished a close 3rd."

US Speedskating | Celski Wins Bronze at Jr. World Championships

Scroll down for new photos from yesterday's action, and click the link below for a summary of how American and Canadian skaters fared today in Romania:

500m final results - Men
1. Robert Seifert GER 43.539
2. Dariusz Kulesza POL 43.655
3. J.R. Celski USA 50.260
4. Jae-han Kim KOR 54.889
5. Tian Sun CHN 54.895

500m final results - Women
1. Eun-ju Jung KOR 45.559
2. Arianna Fontana ITA 45.597
3. Jessica Gregg CAN 45.881
4. Evita Krievane LAT 46.007

The U.S. women faced tough competition in their relay semifinal where they finished last. In the same semi, the Canadian women were 2nd behind Korea and will move on to tomorrow's relay final.

Lana Gehring was eliminated in the opening round of the 500m heats. Katherine Reutter made it to the 2nd round, where she finished 4th in her heat. That left Carly Wilson as the last American woman alive. Carly had a great day. making it all the way to the 500m semis, where she finished 4th.

All three American men made it to the 3rd quarter final round of the 500m. Jeff Simon was advanced to the quarter finals after being taken out by Franche's Maxime Chataignier in their heat. Ryan Bedford was eliminated in his quater final after finishing 4th. Jeff finished 3rd in his semi final, leaving J.R. as the last American standing.

The Canadian men ran into difficulty in the 500m semis, where both Nicholas Bean and Joel Mineau were disqualified. Francois 'Frank' Hamelin didn't move on after finishing 3rd in his quarterfinal.

On the women's side, Andrea Do-Duc was eliminated in the 500m heats, while Valerie Maltais made it to the quarter finals where she finished 3rd in her race.

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January 6, 2006

Junior Worlds, day 1 [updated Saturday]

A report from the Bedfords prior to Friday's skating:
"The rink is looking better. They laid blue carpet on the really bad cement so it really perked up the place. They washed the seats and put flowers in the entry way. It goes off today with relays first and the 1500's and then relays again. There isn't much to do here, but we did take the girls to a monastery outside of town. The kids are nervous, but they are all doing fine and they look good in their matching skins and jackets."

US Speedskating | U.S. Skates Smart at World Jr. Championships
Canadian Press | South Korea dominates on first day of world junior short-track championships

Relays: Sadly, the U.S. men were disqualified in their relay heat... The guys had a really good heat, but Jeff hit the blade of another skater when J.R. pushed him and he fell. The team caught up with some fast skating and the 'launches' that Ryan gave J.R. With those pushes, J.R. caught up 1/4 lap in the first 1/2 lap. He was going so fast that he two-footed the first corner. The team was fine because they had the fastest time going, but they made a not-very-smart pass and the got dq'd.

The U.S. women won their quarterfinal over Italy, Poland and the Czech Repulic to advance to the semifinals!

1500m finals: The only North American skater to make it to a final was Canadian Joel Mineau, who put in a strong effort and finished 5th. J.R. Celski made it to the 1500m semis, but he appeared to take quite a tumble in that race and didn't qualify.

As expected, the Koreans are dominating the event so far, with all 6 skaters making it to the 1500m finals and sweeping 5 of the 6 medals. (And you know what? None of them are the same guys who finished 1-2-3 last year. Ladie's 2004 World Jr. Champion Sun-Young Park is back to defend her title.)
Women: 1. Jung (KOR) 2:41.069, 2. Choi (KOR) 2:42.416, 3. Kang (CHN) 2:45.448
(some big time gaps there!)
Men: 1. S-H Lee (KOR), 2:25.195 2. J-S Lee (KOR), 2:26.462, Kim (KOR), 2:26.837

1500m qualifying: Ryan Bedford, J.R. Celski and Jeff Simon all made it through their 1st round of 1500m heats to move on to the quarterfinals. On the women's side, Carly Wilson and Katherine Reutter both move on; Lana Gehring was disqualified.

In the quarter finals, Ryan was disqualified, Jeff finished 5th, Carly was 4th in her race and Katherine was 6th, leaving J.R. the lone American to advance to the semis.

Canadians: Team Canada is skating well. Both relay teams and all 6 individual skaters advanced out of their opening heats to the next round of relays and 1500m. Two women, Valerie Maltais and Jessica Gregg, along with Joel Mineau and Nicholas Bean for the men, qualified for the semis.

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November 22, 2005

American Cup 2

The 2nd American Cup event was held this past weekend in Cleveland Heights.

For the ladies, the top 5 finishers were:
1. Carly Wilson (2175 pts) - won the 1500m
2. Kira Fling (1887) - won the 500m
3. Tina Koenig (1654) - won the 3000m
4. Cherise Wilkins (1425)
5. Brigid Farrell (1355) - won the 1000m

Bridie recently relocated to Marquette as her new training base.

Top 5 men:
1. Ryan Bedford (3200 pts) - won the 500m and 3000m
2. Mike Kooreman (2270) - won the 1500m
3. Joey Lindsey (1375)
4. Trevor Marsicano (1353) - won the 1000m
5. Levi Kirkpatrick (750)

Congratulations to all! Full results available here.

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November 6, 2005

US Junior Championships Day 2

The Junior Championships concluded today in Midland, Mich. Congratulations to overall champions Ryan Bedford and Carly Wilson, as well as the entire team that will represent the USA at Junior Worlds in Romania next January!

2006 Junior World Team
Adam Riedy (team leader), Ryan Bedford, Jeff Simon, JR Celski, Carly Wilson, Katherine Reutter, Lana Gehring, Trisha Stennes (team coach)

Ryan Bedford successfully defended his junior championship title, coming from 4th overall after the first day to win the overall title with his performances today, including a victory in the 1500m super final. This must feel especially sweet to him -- after winning this event last year Ryan broke his knee and was unable to compete at Junior Worlds.

[Update] Midland speedskater wins final, makes Junior Worlds

Carly Wilson won her first junior title after making her mark last year as the overall silver medalist. She capped off her two victories from day 1 with another in the 1000m A final today.

J.R. Celski finished 2nd overall for the second consecutive year. Best of all, he's a year older, allowing him meet the age eligibility rules for competing at Junior Worlds.

Here are today's results:

500m A finals
1. Joey Lindsey, 2. Simon, 3. Celski, 4. Bedford
Women: 1. Gehring, 2. Alyson Dudek, 3. Wilson, 4. Alice Kim, 5. Ericka Hawke, 6. Hannah Dyrud

1000m A finals
1. Austin Yun, 2. Bedford, 3. Lindsey, 4. Trevor Marsicano
Women: 1. Wilson, 2. Reutter, 3. Mary Grace, 4. Hawke, 5. Gehring

1500m super finals
1. Bedford, 2. Celski, 3. Simon, 4. Marsicano, DQ - Lindsey and Yun
Women: 1. Reutter, 2. Wilson, 3. Grace, 4. Kim, 5. Gehring, 6. Dudek

Overall results (points)
1. Ryan Bedford (2368), 2. J.R. Celski (2190), 3. Jeff Simon (2112.5), 4. Joey Lindsey (1985.5), 5. Austin Yun (1231.5)
Women: 1. Carly Wilson (3454.5), 2. Katherine Reutter (2568), 3. Lana Gehring (1696.5), 4. Alice Kim (970), 5. Alyson Dudek (959.5)

Full results are available on the Junior Championships web site. Lots of great photos there too!

More info from US Speedskating: Wilson, Bedford Claim Overall Titles

More photos from day 2. Click thumbnails to enlarge and mouse over them for captions.

1500m super final: (L-R) JR Celski, Trevor Marsicano, Jeff Simon, Austin Yun, Joey Lindsey, Ryan Bedford

1500m super final: Austin Yun, JR Celski, Ryan Bedford, Jeff Simon, Joey Lindsey (hidden), Trevor Marsicano

photos by Phil Bedford

Thanks to Beth Bedford and the Midland Club for arranging coverage of the competition

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November 5, 2005

US Junior Championships Day 1

Juniors got under way today in Midland, MI with 9-lap time trials following by the 1500m and 500m heats.

Last year's runner-up Carly Wilson has a sizable lead so far after posting the fastest time in the time trial and winning the 1500m A final. Katharine Reutter (who like Carly trains in Marquette) took 2nd in both events for 2nd overall and SoCal's Alice Kim is in 3rd. Carly is the lone member of last year's ladies' junior world team who is still competing as a junior.

Leading the overall standings for the men is SoCal's Jeff Simon, who won the 9-lap TT and finished 2nd in the 1500m. Fifteen-year old phenom J.R. Celski won the 1500m A final and sits in 2nd overall so far. In 3rd is Joey Lindsey, another rising star from SoCal who was on last year's junior world team.

Last year, J.R. was 2nd overall at this event but was too young to represent the U.S. at Junior Worlds.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Kyle Carr, last year's bronze medalist overall. Kyle is unable to compete this weekend after fracturing his ankle at training on Friday.

Ladies 1500m A final: 1. Wilson, 2. Reutter, 3. Kim, 4. Lana Gehring, 5. Alyson Dudek, 6. Sophia Milan

Ladies top 5 overall standings: 1. Wilson, 3. Reutter, 3. Kim, 4. Gehring, 5. Milan

Men 1500m A final: 1. Celski, 2. Simon, 3. Lindsey, 4. Ryan Bedford, 5. Levi Kirkpatrick, 6. Trevor Marsicano, 7. Barry Winslow

Men top 5 overall standings: 1. Simon, 2. Celski, 3. Lindsey, 4. Bedford, 5. Marsicano

Full day 1 results here: Time standings | Class standings

Also: Wilson, Simon Get Jr. ST Championships Off to Great Start

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Photos from Junior Nationals, Day 1

Men's 1500m final

JR Celski, Ryan Bedford, Jeff Simon, Levi Kirkpatrick, Joey Lindsey

Sophia Milan, Lana Gehring, Carly Wilson, Katherine Ruetter, Alyson Dudek

Alice Kim on the outside, Carly Wilson leading, Lana Gehring on the far inside

photos courtesy Phil Bedford

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Alta Valtellina Trophy in Bormio

There are 18 countries competing this weekend in Bormio prior to next weekend's World Cup event. The Canadian A and B teams are both there, with the opportunity for B team members in particular to gain valuable international racing experience. Canadian skaters are finding a lot of success so far.

On Thursday, Canada won 5 of the 6 medals awarded, with Olivier Jean winning 1500m gold ahead of teammates Marc-Andre Monette in 2nd and Mathieu Giroux in 3rd. France's Stephanie Bouvier won gold on the women's side, with Canadians Nita Avrith 2nd and Kalyna Roberge 3rd.

Yesterday, Steve Robillard won gold in the 500m and Remi Beaulieu and Monette tied for 3rd. Annik Plamondon won bronze in the ladies 500m.

Canadian Press: Montreal's Robillard wins gold at short track speed skating competition

Full results and photos available on the Alta Valtellina Trophy web site.

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November 1, 2005

More on Junior Nationals

Midland Daily News | Midland hosts first national speed skating meet in 23 years this weekend

While Midland (Michigan) has boasted one of the most successful speed skating clubs in the Midwest in recent years, the last time the city hosted a national event, Ronald Reagan was in his first term as president and Ryan Bedford wasn't even born yet.

That will change next weekend when the 2006 Dow U.S. Junior Short Track Championships come to the new Midland Civic Arena.
"It's a lot of work, but it's exciting to finally have a national meet here in Midland," said Beth Bedford, coach of the Midland Speed Skating Club and meet director for the Junior nationals. "The last one we had here was back in 1982 (the North American Championships)."

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October 16, 2005

Olympic Oval Invitational results

The Calgary Oval hosted their traditional October event this weekend. Congratulations to Jordan Malone on his sweep of all the distances (and with it the overall title)! Mike Kooreman also finished in the top 5. A Czech skater usually seen on the World Cup circuit nearly swept the women's races. For the ladies, Maria Garcia and Kira Fling both finished in the top 5 overall. Congrats to all the skaters on their performances!

Ladies 1500 Meter
Novotna, Katerina 2:36.293
Gregg, Jessica 2:36.518
Garcia, Maria 2:26.938
Toth, Kylee 2:37.247
Hewitt, Jessica 2:37.315
Farrell, Brigid 2:40.084

Men's 1500 Meter
Malone, Jordan 2:19.869
Shoebridge, Richard 2:20.314
Carr, Kyle 2:20.315
Kooreman, Mike 2:20.604
Gilday, Michael 2:20.741
Celski, JR 2:51.731

Ladies 500 Meter
Gregg, Jessica 45.229
Novotna, Katerina 46.441
Gilday, Jill 46.931
Fling, Kira 47.130
Garcia, Maria 50.241

Men's 500 Meter
Malone, Jordan
Rasmussen, Cory 42.426
Shoebridge, Richard 42.977
Davis, Shani 50.561

Ladies 1000 Meter
Novotna, Katerina 1:28.897
Toth, Kylee 1:38.967
Gregg, Jessica 1:39.025
Lang, Sarah 1:29.176

Men's 1000 Meter
Malone, Jordan
Rasmussen, Cory 1:27.446
Kooreman, Mike 1:27.531
Shoebridge, Richard 1:27.531
Friesen, Michael 1.28.140

Ladies 3000 Meter
Novotna, Katerina 5.41.753
Garcia, Maria 5.42.525
Fling, Kira
Gregg, Jessica 5.43.184
Toth, Kylee 5:44.685

Men's 3000 Meter
Malone, Jordan 5:29.375
Gilday, Michael 5:29.449
Davis, Shani 5.29.449
Shoebridge, Richard 5:30.005
Friesen, Michael 5:30.428


1. Novotna, Katerina (CZE)
2. Gregg, Jessica (ALB)
3. Garcia, Maria (USA)
4. Toth, Kylee (ALB)
5. Fling Kira (USA)
7. Sarah Lang (USA)
9. Bridie Farrell (USA)
10. Cherise Wilkins (USA)
12. Carly Wilson (USA)
14. Tina Koening (USA)
16. Lezleigh Jaworski (USA)
17. Sophie Milan (USA)

1. Malone, Jordan (USA)
2. Shoebridge, Richard (ONT)
3. Rasmussen, Cory (BC)
4. Gilday, Michael (NWT)
5. Kooreman, Mike (USA)
6. Shani Davis (USA)
7. Kyle Carr (USA)
9. JR Celski (USA)
11. Derek Gray (USA)
12. Misi Toth (USA)
14. Jeff Simon (USA)
16. Joey Lindsay (USA)
21. Austin Yun (USA)
22. Alex Strauss (USA)
24. Adam Duncan (USA)

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September 17, 2005

American Cup 1 Results - Day 1

The 1500m and 500m were skated today in Wausau with interesting and in some cases surprising results. Women's team veterans Caroline Hallisey and Amy Peterson are back. Peterson has unretired in a bid to make one final Olympic Games. J.P. Kepka is off to an extremely strong start and it's also nice to see Misi Toth make a strong comeback after his difficult season last year. Results so far:

1500m results
Men's A final

1. J.P. Kepka
2. Travis Jayner
3. Rusty Smith
4. Anthony Lobello
5. Eduardo Alvarez (newcomer from Miami)
6. Shani Davis DQ for impeding on Smith

Women's A final
1. Hyo-jung Kim
2. Kimberly Derrick
3. Jade Wheeler
4. Caroline Hallisey
5. Allison Baver - fell
6. Kristen Biondo - fell

500m results
Men's A final

1. Kepka
2. Misi Toth
3. Smith
4. Alex Izykowski
5. Jordan Malone
6. Davis

Men's B final
1. Jayner
2. Lobello

Women's A final
1. Baver
2. Biondo
3. Peterson
4. Kim

Women's B final
1. Maria Garcia
2. Derrick
3. Kira Fling
4. Cherise Wilkins

Overall standings after 2 distances
1. Kepka.(2000 pts)
2. Smith (800)
3. Jayner (690)
4. Toth (619)
5. Lobello
Izykowski (tie - 330)
7. Davis (216)
8. Malone (215)

1. Kim (1250 pts)
2. Baver (1175)
3. Derrick
Biondo (tie - 725)
5. Peterson (460)

Additional details available from US Speedskating.

[Update] - Click for complete day 1 results:
Points | Classification | Times

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September 16, 2005

American Cup 1

American Cup 1 gets underway tomorrow morning in Wausau, WI. Most of the national team members traveled to Wisconsin on Wednesday. This is an important competition since it will determine the World Cup team for all 4 World Cups this season, and should give a foretaste of what's to come at the Olympic Trials in Marquette!

Apolo has a bye onto the World Cup team, but all the other spots are up for grabs. Good luck to all the skaters competing this weekend in Wausau!

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September 12, 2005

Canadian Trials Results - 1000m #3

The Canadian Olympic trials concluded tonight in Saguenay. Many thanks to short track reporter par excellence Stephen Gough for his tireless efforts in bringing us the race results and highlights over the past 11 days! His final report follows.

It's over! The last races were completed today and as usual there was plenty of drama, especially considering all the possibilities. The women had to sort out their overall ranking as well as the standings in the 1000m. On the men's side, the top 5 overall was set but the possibility existed that Steve Robillard or Mathieu Giroux could win today's race and place 1st overall in the 1000m, bumping Jonathan Guilmette or Charles Hamelin from the team. The 1000m ranking remained to be sorted out as well, with valuable Olympic start positions at stake.

Women's 1000m heats
heat A

1. Overland
2. Gregg
3. Gagnon

heat B
1. Leblanc-Boucher
2. Plamondon
3. Truchon
4. Ieropoli

heat C
1. Kraus
2. Avrith
3. Gauthier
4. Lemieux

Semi A
1. Overland
2. Gregg
3. Plamondon
4. Gauthier
Plamondon took the race out quickly. Mid-race, Gregg skated several corners on the outside trying to move around Gauthier into 3rd. With around 3 to go, Overland took the lead and opened up a gap on the other skaters. Gregg fought hard to catch up to Plamondon once she had taken 3rd place and made a nice inside pass on the last straight to make her first career A final in the 1000m.

Semi B
1. Kraus
2. Leblanc-Boucher
3. Avrith
4. Gagnon

A Final
1. Kraus 1:32.476
2. Overland 1:32.591
3. Leblanc-Boucher 1:32.665
4. Gregg 1:35.480
Off the start Kraus had the lead ahead of Overland, Leblanc-Boucher and Gregg. With 5 to go Overland took the lead by the inside. On the last straight, Kraus made an inside pass to take the lead and win the race.

B Final
1. Plamondon 1:36.016
2. Avrith 1:36.108
3. Gauthier 1:36.259
Gagnon DNS

C Final
1. Lemieux 1:42.663
2. Truchon 1:42.968
Ieropoli DNS

Women's 1000m Final Standings
1. Vicent 2000
2. Kraus 1815
2. Overland 1815
4. Leblanc-Boucher 1704
5. Gregg 948
6. Lemieux 903
7. Plamondon 886
8. Roberge 816
9. Gagnon 580
10. Avrith 557
11. Gauthier 520
12. Ieropoli 502
13. Truchon 295
14. Lambert 130
15. Maltais 106
16. Sevigny 0

Women's Overall Final Standings
1. Kraus 5290
2. Overland 5210
3. Leblanc-Boucher 4990
4. Vicent 4543
5. Roberge 3374
6. Gagnon 3032
7. Plamondon 2860
8. Gregg 2764
9. Lemieux 2061
10. Avrith 1896
11. Ieropoli 1443
12. Gauthier 1254
13. Sevigny 712
14. Truchon 669
15. Maltais 588
16. Lambert 539

Roberge earns her spot on the team despite only competing in 5 of 9 events. It remains to be seen whether or not she will be given the opportunity to race any of the distances.

Men's 1000m
Heat A

MA Monette
JF Monette
JF has been skating with a brace on his right forearm the last 3 days due to a broken bone in his hand. At the start of this race, he toed in and fell forwards. In doing so, he dislocated his left shoulder. He moved to the inside of the track in obvious pain. The race continued slowly as Tremblay and MA Monette were assured of qualifying. With 5 to go, the referee blew the whistle stopping the race so that JF get receive medical attention.

Heat B
1. Bedard
2. Jean
3. Hamelin
Hamelin had the lead late in the race, followed by Jean and Bedard. As they approached the bell lap he stumbled exiting the corner and fell, causing Jean to go down as well. Jean was able to pop to his feet quickly however while Bedard had been trailing enough to avoid the skaters. Hamelin's chances at locking down his place in the 1000m were over and the door opened a little wider for Giroux and Robillard.

Heat C
1. Turcotte
2. Beaulieu
3. Giroux
4. Shoebridge
Turcotte was able to get away and open up a large gap with 2.5 to go. Giroux had been sitting 4th most of the race and began his charge. In 3rd behind Beaulieu, he had a major slip with 1.5 to go. But as he had done all competition he was able to re-accelerate and close the gap on Beaulieu. He set up the last corner wide to make his move at the finish but stumbled and fell, ending his chances of qualifying for the semi and making the Olympic team.

Heat D
1. Robillard
2. Guilmette
3. C. Rasmussen
4. D. Rasmussen DQ
Guilmette and Robillard sat 3rd and 4th most of the race before attacking the lead with 3.5 to go. Guilmette went around by the outside while Robillard took the inside route. There was a little contact between D. Rasmussen and Robillard with both skaters stumbling. Robillard was able to hold on to the lead and win the race, keeping his slim hopes alive.

Semi A
1. Turcotte
2. MA Monette
3. Tremblay
4. Beaulieu
Tremblay's failure to qualify for the A final meant that Robillard could win the 1000m overall by winning the A final.

Semi B
1. Bedard
2. Jean
3. Robillard
4. Guilmette
This semi was controlled from the front by Jean. As the laps wound down, he was trailed by Robillard, Bedard and Guilmette who were building speed and waiting for an opportunity to pass. Robillard looked like he was going to make a move by the outside but stayed in 2nd. Bedard was able exit the 2nd to last corner tightly and move from 3rd to 1st. Robillard's chance to make the team ended and all that remained to be sorted out was the 1000m ranking, with both Turcotte and Bedard needing a top 3 finish to pass Hamelin in the 1000m standings.

A Final
1. Bedard 1:26.833
2. Turcotte 1:26.898
3. MA Monette 1:26.961
4. Jean 1:27.268
Off the start Bedard had the lead followed by Jean, Turcotte and Monette. With 7.5 to go, Turcotte took the lead by the inside. With 6.5 to go, Bedard took the lead by the inside. The next straight, Jean went from 3rd to 1st by the inside. With 4.5 to go, Bedard seized the lead and Turcotte moved into 2nd. Turcotte looked like he was ready to take the lead but stumbled, providing Bedard with enough breathing room to maintain his lead to the end and win his 2nd consecutive race.

B Final
1. Tremblay 1:24.298
2. Beaulieu 1:25.107
3. Robillard 1:28.391
4. Guilmette 1:34.813
With everything decided, the skaters in this race put on a show for the crowd. Guilmette took the lead off the start, accelerating as if he were in a 500m. Robillard was in 2nd, Tremblay 3rd and Beaulieu 4th. Mid-race, Guilmette exited the corner wide and dropped out of the pack. Robillard had the lead until 2 to go when he did the same, allowing Tremblay to take the lead. Tremblay powered on and crossed the line in a new Canadian record and unofficial world record.

C Final
1. Hamelin 1:27.220
2. Giroux 1:27.409
3. C. Rasmussen 1:29.015
4. D. Rasmussen 1:46.668

D Final
Shoebridge DNS
JF Monette DNS

Men's 1000m Final Standings
1. Tremblay 1888
2. Bedard 1691
3. Turcotte 1540
4. Hamelin 1339
5. Guilmette 1230
6. Robillard 1209
7. Giroux 1191
8. MA Monette 1108
9. Jean 864
10. JF Monette 674
11. Beaulieu 535
12. C. Rasmussen 289
13. D. Rasmussen 265
14. Shoebridge 169
15. Therrien 156
16. Scholten 0

Men's Overall Final Standings
1. Tremblay 5548
2. Turcotte 5454
3. Bedard 4514
4. Hamelin 4389
5. Guilmette 3978
6. Robillard 2839
7. Giroux 2680
8. MA Monette 2360
9. Jean 2283
10. JF Monette 2219
11. D. Rasmussen 1827
12. Beaulieu 1342
13. Shoebridge 1108
14. C. Rasmussen 888
15. Therrien 517
16. Scholten 326

Canada's Olympic Team
Alanna Kraus, Amanda Overland, Anouk Leblanc-Boucher, Tania Vicent, Kalyna Roberge
Men: Francois-Louis Tremblay, Mathieu Turcotte, Eric Bedard, Charles Hamelin, Jonathan Guilmette

Canada.com | Six Olympic medallists named to Canadian short-track speed skating squad

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September 11, 2005

Canadian Trials Results - 500m #3

Two more skaters nailed down their positions on the Canadian Olympic team tonight in Saguenay – Alanna Kraus and Eric Bedard. Compared to the 2nd set of 500m races, tonight was quite tame. But it was still a night of dramatic races and some controversy.

[Update] Canada.com | Kraus and Bedard assure nominations at short-track speed skating trials

Women’s Heats
Heat A

1. Kraus 45.137
2. Leblanc-Boucher 45.211
3. Plamondon 45.329

Heat B
1. Gagnon 45.012
2. Lemieux 46.076
3. Avrith 46.095
4. Truchon 46.405
Avrith passed Truchon by the outside on the last lap but both went wide opening the door for Lemieux to move from 4th to 2nd on the last straight.

Heat C
1. Gregg 45.142
2. Overland 45.204
3. Gauthier 46.405
4. Ieropoli 1:10.054

Vicent did not skate due to a muscle injury so qualifying was 1st two places plus 2 fastest 3rd places.

Semi A
1. Overland 45.308
2. Plamondon 45.390
3. Gagnon 45.492
4. Avrith
Overland won the start from start position #1 and led the whole way.

Semi B
1. Kraus 44.820
2. Leblanc-Boucher 44.825
3. Gregg
4. Lemieux
Gregg almost won the start from position #3 but was nudged wide entering the 1st corner by Leblanc-Boucher. She and Kraus then fought for 2nd place for about a lap before Kraus was able to get ahead and settle in behind Leblanc-Boucher.

A Final (a real A final)
1. Alanna 44.990
2. Anouk 45.049
3. Annik 45.164
4. Amanda 45.262
Kraus started 2nd on the line, Leblanc-Boucher to her left and Plamondon to her right. She won the start and led the whole race with no changes in placing behind her.

B Final
1. Gregg 45.018
2. Gagnon 45.052
3. Avrith 45.861
4. Lemieux 46.228

C Final
1. Gauthier 46.741
2. Truchon 46.808
3. Ieropoli DNF (finished 3rd but was too far inside the track)

Women’s 500m Final Standings (best 2 results + ½ of worst result)
1. Kraus 2408
2. Leblanc-Boucher 1439
3. Gagnon 1326
4. Overland 1308
5. Gregg 1290
6. Roberge 1196
7. Plamondon 1093
8. Avrith 996
9. Vicent 639
10. Lemieux 579
11. Ieropoli 424
12. Gauthier 379
13. Truchon 259
14. Lambert 246
15. Maltais 241
16. Sevigny 46

Women’s Overall Standings after 8 events
1. Overland 4727
2. Kraus 4561
3. Leblanc-Boucher 4545
4. Vicent 4543
5. Roberge 3374
6. Gagnon 2889
7. Plamondon 2564
8. Gregg 2264
9. Lemieux 1963
10. Avrith 1569
11. Ieropoli 1378
12. Gauthier 1024
13. Sevigny 712
14. Maltais 588
15. Lambert 539
16. Truchon 538

Women’s 1000m heats (VERY unofficial)



Men’s 500m heats
Heat A

1. Tremblay 41.903
2. D. Rasmussen 42.089
3. MA Monette 42.140
Tremblay passed Rasmussen by the inside with 2 to go to take the lead.

Heat B
1. Bedard 41.613
2. Guilmette 42.248
3. Robillard DQ
The 3 skaters were together in the above order for the whole race. Robillard made a last-ditch effort on the last straight but there was no space.

Heat C
1. Turcotte 41.448
2. Hamelin 41.523
3. Giroux 41.614
4. Jean 41.642
Hamelin went past Turcotte on the first straight by the outside. With 2.5 to go, Turcotte retook the lead by the inside. Giroux moved into 3rd on the last corner but he wasn’t able to get close enough to grab a qualifying position at the finish line.

Heat D
1. C. Rasmussen 42.449
2. JF Monette 42.475
3. Shoebridge 42.520
4. Beaulieu 42.591
Off the start, Monette toed in and fell to the ice. At the first block, Rasmussen did the same. There was no contact in either case but the starter recalled the race after Rasmussen went down. Granted a 2nd chance, both skaters took advantage and qualified for the semi finals.

Semi A – 1st try
Start positions

1. C. Rasmussen
2. Turcotte
3. D. Rasmussen
4. JF Monette
Cory Rasmussen, sporting his spiderman skin suit tonight, grabbed the lead off the start with his brother Daryl in 2nd, Turcotte 3rd and Monette 4th. There was no sign of Cory's other brother Daryl. Turcotte was building speed by the outside and looking for an opening behind the two brothers. He cut inside sharply heading down the straight with 1 lap to go and passed into 2nd but was unable to hold the corner and Daryl passed him back immediately. Exiting the final turn, Cory stumbled and fell forward while the other skaters scrambled for the line. In doing so, Turcotte wound up risking another DQ at the line for kicking out. The referee reviewed the race video and there was a lengthy delay. Once he finished, there was some discussion with his assistant followed by a brief discussion with the head of the SSC High Performance Short Track Committee as well as the SSC High Performance Director. It was then announced that the race would be rerun because blocks (two?) were out of place on the corner where Turcotte had attempted to pass Rasmussen.

Semi A 2nd try
1. Turcotte 41.666
2. D. Rasmussen 41.841
3. JF Monette 41.918
4. C. Rasmussen 43.277
An uneventful race compared to the first go-round. Turcotte won the start ahead of Daryl, Cory and Monette. With 1.5 to go, Cory tried moving up the inside of his brother but had to back off, costing him speed and 3rd place.

Semi B
1. Bedard 41.943
2. Hamelin 41.982
3. Tremblay 42.103
4. Guilmette 42.294
Hamelin and Tremblay went back and forth between 2nd and 3rd mid-race. Bedard’s fast start in the 500m continued to serve him well as he led the whole race.

A Final
1. Bedard 42.255
2. Hamelin 42.271
3. D. Rasmussen 42.506
4. Turcotte DQ
A thrilling race as Bedard fought from behind to win his place on the Olympic team. Off the start Rasmussen was in the lead ahead of Bedard, Hamelin and Turcotte. Turcotte tried to move from 4th to 2nd with 2.5 laps to go on the inside. There was some contact however with Bedard and both stumbled, enabling Hamelin to move ahead into 2nd behind Rasmussen. Incredibly, Bedard was able to recover and on the bell he passed both Rasmussen and Hamelin to seize 1st place. Hamelin had been setting up an outside pass on Rasmussen at the same time and went past him on the last lap. At the finish he continued to the outside of Bedard but was unable to get his skate to the line first.

B Final
1. Guilmette 41.823
2. Tremblay 41.899
3. JF Monette 42.014
4. C. Rasmussen 43.014
Rasmussen won the start ahead of the 3 other skaters but was unable to hold them off as each passed on consecutive straights midway through the race.

C Final
1. Giroux 42.289
2. Jean 42.332
3. MA Monette 42.515
4. Robillard
Robillard fell with one to go after leading the race from the start.

D Final
1. Beaulieu 43.144
2. Shoebridge 43.554

Men’s 500m Final Standings
1. Bedard 2149
2. Tremblay 1997
3. Turcotte 1765
4. Hamelin 1359
5. JF Monette 1109
6. Guilmette 1029
7. D. Rasmussen 1028
8. Shoebridge 773
9. MA Monette 708
10. Robillard 429
11. Jean 385
12. C. Rasmussen 370
13. Giroux 282
14. Beaulieu 245
15. Scholten 196
16. Therrien 156

Men’s Overall Standings after 8 events
1. Tremblay 5326
2. Turcotte 4819
3. Hamelin 4291
4. Guilmette 3857
5. Bedard 3661
6. Robillard 2642
7. Giroux 2600
8. JF Monette 2184
9. Jean 1820
10. MA Monette 1774
11. D. Rasmussen 1750
12. Shoebridge 1066
13. Beaulieu 1023
14. C. Rasmussen 811
15. Therrien 517
16. Scholten 326

Men’s 1000m Heats (Unofficial)
Heat A


Heat B

Heat C

Heat D

Robillard and Giroux still have a chance to win the 1000m and make the team, despite being out of the top 5 overall. The top 5 overall cannot change.

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September 9, 2005

Canadian Trials Results - 1500m #3

[Update 1] TSN.ca | Turcotte, Overland earn Olympic spots

[Update 2] Jonathan Guilmette's site has a report about last night's race, in which he disputes his cross-tracking DQ and hopes for a better outing tonight.

Report on 1500m #3
One distance is now complete and two skaters have their tickets punched for Torino by placing 1st overall in the 1500m - Mathieu Turcotte and Amanda Overland. The racing tonight was excellent and with the weekend under way, a larger crowd added significantly to the atmospere.

Women's semis
semi A

1. Leblanc-Boucher 2:24.703
2. Kraus 2:24.733
3. Gagnon 2:25.740
4. Ieropoli 2:42.642
5. Lemieux 3:03.559
Lemieux was in 3rd and likely to qualify when she fell exiting the corner coming up to the bell lap.

semi B
1. Overland 2:24.646
2. Vicent 2:24.911
3. Plamondon 2:25.133
4. Gauthier 2:26.466
5. Gregg 2:28.256
6. Avrith DQ

A Final
1. Overland 2:24.261
2. Vicent 2:24.912
3. Gagnon 2:24.961
4. Plamondon 3:02.446
5. Kraus 3:12.446
6. Leblanc-Boucher DQ impeding
This was an exciting race with a lot of movement within the pack. On the first lap, Overland took the lead ahead of Vicent, Kraus, Leblanc-Boucher, Plamondon and Gagnon. As if on cue, the 3rd place skater would take the lead by the outside on each lap, while the 4th, 5th and 6th place skaters sat at the rear of the pack and watched. With 8 to go Kraus was leading, Overland 2nd and Vicent 3rd. With 6.5 to go, Vicent made a move on the inside to take the lead. At the same time, Leblanc-Boucher started to make her move through the pack taking 3rd ahead of Overland with 5.5 to go. Overland reacted quickly and attacked by the outside.

On the following straight, Leblanc-Boucher tried to move past Kraus into 2nd and there was contact, sending Kraus and Plamondon sliding towards the padding. Overland's outside move paid off as she had already made it around the falling skaters and had settled into 2nd behind Vicent. With 2 to go, Overland attacked again by the outside and grabbed the lead for good. Leblanc-Boucher was showing a lot of speed and also went by Vicent but the earlier contact led to her disqualification. Vicent fought off a late charge at the line by Gagnon to cross the line 3rd.

B Final
1. Lemieux
2. Ieropoli
3. Gregg
4. Gauthier
5. Avrith
Lemieux passed on the outside with 3.5 to go and won going away.

Women's 1500m Final standings (2 best results + 1/2 of the worst result)
1. Overland 2088
2. Vicent 1904
3. Leblanc-Boucher 1847
4. Roberge 1362 (still not recovered from her muscle injury)
5. Gagnon 1126
6. Kraus 1067
7. Plamondon 881
8. Sevigny 666
9. Lemieux 579
10. Gregg 526
11. Ieropoli 517
12. Gauthier 355
13. Avrith 343
14. Maltais 241
15. Lambert 163
16. Truchon 116

Women's overall standing after 7 events
1. Vicent 4543
2. Overland 4406
3. Kraus 3969
4. Leblanc-Boucher 3809
5. Roberge 3374
6. Gagnon 2674
7. Gregg 2002
8. Plamondon 1963
9. Lemieux 1765
10. Avrith 1309
11. Ieropoli 1301
12. Gauthier 881
13. Sevigny 712
14. Maltais 588
15. Lambert 539
16. Truchon 406

Men' semis
semi A

1. Turcotte 2:13.373
2. Jean 2:13.604
3. MA Monette 2:13.697
4. Bedard 2:14.077
5. C. Rasmussen 2:21.438
There were passes virtually every straight until 8 laps to go when the pack settled down for a lap or two. Monette was in the lead, followed by Jean, Turcotte, Bedard and Rasmussen. With 5 to go, Bedard started to move up the outside and Jean reacted by taking the lead by the inside. Bedard managed to get into 2nd with the pass but wound up defending a similar move on the outside by Turcotte. Turcotte was unable to get to the front, however, and after a couple of corners on the outside, managed to slip into 2nd. Jean was looking very strong at the front and avoiding any potential congestion. On the last straight, Turcotte passed him by the inside to take the lead. Monette had gotten around Bedard on the last lap and made a last-ditch attempt at 2nd but couldn't get his skate to the line ahead of Jean.

semi B
1. Robillard 2:13.658
2. Giroux 2:13.827
3. JF Monette 2:14.647
Guilmette DQ
Therrien DNF (fell during and outside pass mid-race)

Monette had the lead with around 6 to go. Robillard had sat at the back most of the early part of the race but had slid up into 2nd behind Monette. Guilmette was 3rd and Giroux 4th. As the laps wound down, Guilmette was protecting his 3rd position from Giroux who was ready to seize any opportunity, as he has done all week. With 1.5 to go, Robillard went around Monette on the outside. Guilmette and Giroux moved into 2nd and 3rd respectively on the bell, with things setting up for an exciting finish. Robillard came through clean for the win, with Guilmette 2nd. Giroux crossed the line on his stomach after scrambling to get his skate to the line ahead of Guilmette. The action had piqued the referee's interest, however, and the video replay was consulted. The end result was a DQ on Guilmette for cross tracking.

Semi C
1. Hamelin 2:17.911
2. Tremblay 2:17.984
3. Beaulieu 2:18.183
4. D. Rasmussen 2:18.526
5. Shoebridge 2:18.827
Tremblay had the lead mid-race. With 4.5 to go, Hamelin made a fast move by the outside to take the lead and the 2 skaters remained 1-2 the rest of the race.

A Final
1. Hamelin 2:11.628
2. Robillard 2:11.698
3. Turcotte 2:11.713
4. Giroux 2:11.793
5. Jean 2:17.973
6. Tremblay DQ
Turcotte led early, followed by Jean. Around 8 to go, Giroux moved from 6th to 1st by the outside. With 7 to go, the race order was Giroux, Jean, Turcotte, Tremblay, Hamelin, Robillard. The pace was very fast but the pack was relatively under control. Turcotte moved ahead of Jean into 2nd around 5 to go. There was a tiny amount of contact, and Tremblay tried to move ahead of Jean on the following straight. At the same time, Hamelin started making one of his patented outside moves. Tremblay and Jean bumped, which dropped them to 5th and 6th respectively. With 3 to go, Hamelin had seized the lead and was not looking back. Turcotte and Robillard both moved past Giroux into 2nd and 3rd shortly thereafter. Heading into the last corner, both Robillard and Giroux were setting up their moves at the finish, but only Robillard could get past Turcotte.

B Final
1. MA Monette 2:17.977
2. Beaulieu 2:18.112
3. Bedard 2:18.161
4. JF Monette 2:18.180
5. D. Rasmussen 2:18.744
Bedard passed Monette at the line to grab valuable points.

C Final
1. Guilmette 2:25.892
2. Shoebridge 2:26.573
3. C. Rasmussen 2:26.774
Therrien DNS

Men's 1500m Final Standings (2 best results + 1/2 of the worst result)
1. Turcotte 2149
2. Guilmette 1719
3. Hamelin 1691
4. Tremblay 1663
5. Robillard 1221
6. Giroux 1207
7. Jean 1034
8. Bedard 674
9. Beaulieu 562
10. MA Monette 544
11. D. Rasmussen 535
12. JF Monette 436
13. C. Rasmussen 229
14. Therrien 205
15. Shoebridge 166
16. Scholten 130

Men's Overall Standing after 7 events
1. Tremblay 5145
2. Turcotte 4497
3. Hamelin 3656
4. Guilmette 3457
5. Bedard 2994
6. Robillard 2589
7. Giroux 2404
8. JF Monette 2036
9. Jean 1725
10. MA Monette 1679
11. D. Rasmussen 1204
12. Shoebridge 1031
13. Beaulieu 965
14. C. Rasmussen 593
15. Therrien 517
16. Scholten 326

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September 8, 2005

Canadian Trials Results - 1000m #2

[Update 1] Speed Skating Canada | Veterans take control at Bell Short track Speed Skating Olympic Trials

[Update 2] TSN.ca | Tremblay, Vicent win at short track trials

It was a good night of racing with lots of drama and passion, especially in the men’s semi-finals (where else?). Tania Vicent has virtually qualified for the Cdn. Olympic Team tonight with her 2nd win in the 1000m. She needs only to compete in the 3rd 1000m to guarantee 1st overall in the 1000m standings.

Francois-Louis Tremblay has grabbed 2816 points out of a maximum of 3000 in the last 3 nights.

Women’s 1000m

Heat A
1. Vicent
2. Ieropoli
3. Gauthier

Heat B
1. Overland
2. Gregg
3. Gagnon

Heat C
1. Kraus
2. Plamondon
3. Avrith

Heat D
1. Leblanc-Boucher
2. Lemieux
3. Truchon

Semi A
1. Vicent 1 :32.811
2. Kraus 1 :32.829
3. Gregg 1 :33.067
4. Ieropoli 1 :33.127

Semi B
1. Leblanc-Boucher 1 :33.093
2. Overland 1 :33.101
3. Plamondon 1 :33.197
4. Lemieux 1 :33.240

A Final
1. Vicent 1 :31.371
2. Leblanc-Boucher 1 :31.438
3. Overland 1 :31.485
4. Kraus 1 :31.494

Vicent led the race wire to wire. Kraus was 4th off the line and passed into 3rd early on in the race ahead of Overland. Overland was able to pass her back at the finish line.

B Final
1. Lemieux 1 :35.588
2. Gregg 1 :36.632
3. Plamondon 2 :01.878
4. Ieropoli 2 :29.023
Plamondon and Ieropoli fell exiting a corner with 7.5 to go.

C Final
1. Gagnon 1 :34.617
2. Avrith 1 :34.818
3. Gauthier 1 :37.513
4. Truchon

Women’s overall after 6 events
1. Vicent 3998
2. Kraus 3707
3. Overland 3677
4. Leblanc-Boucher 3628
5. Roberge 3374
6. Gagnon 2106
7. Gregg 1841
8. Plamondon 1530
9. Lemieux 1446
10. Avrith 1232
11. Ieropoli 1140
12. Gauthier 786
13. Sevigny 712
14. Maltais 588
15. Lambert 539
16. Truchon 406

Women’s 1000m standing after 2 events
1. Vicent 2000
2. Overland 1332
3. Leblanc-Boucher 1259
4. Kraus 1086
5. Roberge 816
6. Lemieux 805
7. Plamondon 590
8. Gregg 448
9. Gagnon 437
10. Ieropoli 437
11. Gauthier 290
12. Avrith 230
13. Truchon 163
14. Lambert 130
15. Maltais 106
16. Sevigny 0

Men’s 1000m

Heat A
1. Hamelin
2. JF Monette
3. Jean (fell with 6 or 7 to go)

Heat B
1. Giroux
2. MA Monette
3. Robillard
4. Shoebridge

Heat C
1. Turcotte
2. Tremblay
3. Therrien
4. D. Rasmussen

Tremblay made a close inside pass on Rasmussen on the last straight to move into qualifying position.

Heat D
1. Bedard
2. Guilmette
3. Beaulieu
4. C. Rasmussen

Semi-final A
1. Tremblay 1 :25.639
2. Giroux 1 :25.726
3. Hamelin 1 :25.726
4. JF Monette 1 :26.061

Off the start Hamelin had the lead followed by Tremblay, Monette and Giroux. With 4 to go, Tremblay moved ahead of Hamelin on the inside. The pack was very tightly bunched during the closing laps, with Monette and Giroux looking for a way to move into the top 2 and the coveted A final. Monette entered the last corner very wide in preparation for an attempt at the finish line. In doing so, he left too much space and Giroux dove into the corner, stealing 3rd in the process. Hamelin had a slight slip exiting the final corner, which was enough for Giroux to nip him at the line and grab 2nd.

Semi-final B
1. Turcotte 1 :26.725
2. Guilmette 1 :26.742
3. MA Monette 1 :26.785
4. Bedard 1 :26.799

This was another close race with an exciting finish. Turcotte led most of the race, with Bedard 2nd, Guilmette 3rd and Monette 4th. Bedard was looking strong on the last lap, having benefited from the work Turcotte was doing at the head of the pack. He tried an outside pass on the last straight but bumped with Turcotte and went wide, which opened the door for Guilmette and Monette. The scramble to the finish was wild with only 7 1/100ths separating the four skaters. Bedard was quite upset at the turn of events and there was some discussion by the referees but no call (and no video review).

A Final
1. Tremblay 1 :25.694
2. Giroux 1 :26.618
3. Guilmette 1 :30.252
4. Mathieu DQ

This race turned out to be a little anti-climactic after the excitement of the semi-finals. Tremblay grabbed the lead off the start. Giroux was not content to sit in 4th and took the lead by the outside with 7.5 to go, followed by Tremblay, Guilmette and Turcotte. With 4.5 to go, Turcotte attempted to move up the inside into 3rd but bumped with Guilmette. Turcotte stumbled inside the first blocks of the corner and Guilmette was sent wide, leaving Giroux and Tremblay alone to race for the win. Tremblay made his move with 2-2.5 to go and powered to the line. Any hopes Giroux had of catching him were nixed when he hit a block on the 2nd to last corner.

B Final
1. JF Monette 1:27.521
2. MA Monette 1:27.598
3. Bedard 1:27.720
4. Hamelin 1:28.023

JF Monette led the whole race with lots of action going on behind him. MA Monette was stalking him in 2nd place, Bedard 3rd and Hamelin 4th. On the bell, Hamelin made a move from 4th to 2nd but was unable to hold his position and dropped back to 4th. Bedard tried to hook inside the brothers exiting the last corner but over rotated and wound up crossing the line stretched out on his stomach.

C Final
1. Robillard 1:27.423
2. Jean 1:27.608
3. Beaulieu 1:27.869
4. C. Rasmussen 1:31.887

D Final
1. Therrien 1:31.423
2. Shoebridge 1:31.486
3. D. Rasmussen 1:33.577

Men’s overall after 6 events
1. Tremblay 4964
2. Turcotte 4164
3. Guilmette 3404
4. Bedard 2833
5. Hamelin 2803
6. Giroux 1981
7. JF Monette 1956
8. Robillard 1816
9. MA Monette 1437
10. Jean 1429
11. D. Rasmussen 1117
12. Shoebridge 968
13. Beaulieu 804
14. C. Rasmussen 551
15. Therrien 488
16. Scholten 326

Men’s 1000m standings after 2 events
1. Tremblay 1666
2. Hamelin 1241
3. Giroux 1111
4. Guilmette 1109
5. Robillard 1012
6. Turcotte 905
7. Bedard 838
8. JF Monette 639
9. MA Monette 522
10. Jean 401
11. Beaulieu 216
12. C. Rasmussen 212
13. D. Rasmussen 187
14. Therrien 156
15. Shoebridge 127
16. Scholten 0

[correction] It was previously reported that Tania Vicent set a new Canadian record in winning the 1000m A final on Sept. 7. The record was announced after the race, but it's since been determined that the existing Canadian record of 1:31.1 still stands.

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September 7, 2005

Canadian Trials Results - 500m #2

It was a very stressful night full of emotion and controversy. Francois-Louis Tremblay and Alanna Kraus were the stars while it seemed the referees were the center of attention.

Women' 500m heats
heat 1

1. Roberge 44.969
2. Vicent
3. Lambert

heat 2
1. Kraus 45.393
2. Gagnon
3. Gauthier

heat 3
1. Gregg 46.130
2. Ieropoli
3. Truchon
4. Plamondon fall

heat 4
1. Avrith
2. Lemieux
3. Leblanc-Boucher
4. Overland ADV
Leblanc-Boucher and Overland were out front with Leblanc-Boucher leading. With 2.5 to go, L-B fell exiting the corner and Overland went down with her.

Men's heats
heat 1

1. Turcotte 41.699
2. D. Rasmussen
3. Robillard

heat 2
1. JF Monette 42.336
2. Tremblay
3. Jean
4. C. Rasmussen

heat 3 - this is where the fun really started
1. Bedard 42.458
2. Hamelin ADV
3. Beaulieu
4. Giroux DQ - yellow card?
Bedard led the whole race, skating a tight track. The other four skaters were bunched up behind him, with Hamelin sitting 2nd. On the last straightaway, Giroux came up the inside and there was a heavy collision with Hamelin, sending the two of them and Beaulieu to the ice. After a lengthy delay (but no video review), Giroux was disqualified and shown a yellow card. Except that there was no yellow card to show him apparently. Giroux's night was over.

heat 4
1. MA Monette 42.722
2. Shoebridge
3. Therrien
4. Guilmette - fall
Guilmette was sitting in 3rd coming up on the bell when he went down.

Women's Semi-finals
semi-final A

1. Gagnon 45.412
2. Avrith 45.593
3. Roberge 45.639
4. Lemieux - fall
Roberge immediately grabbed her right hamstring after the race. She did not skate in the B final and her status is unknown for tomorrow's 1000m. The muscle problem apparently started in her heat.

semi-final B
1. Kraus 44.851
2. Overland 44.923
3. Gregg 45.026
4. Vicent 45.229
5. Ieropoli
Overland passed Gregg on the first straight to take 2nd place behind Kraus off the start.

Men's Semi-finals
semi-final A - 1st try

Tremblay, Turcotte, Hamelin and MA Monette. Tremblay took the lead off the start with Turcotte 2nd, Hamelin 3rd and Monette 4th. Midway through the race Turcotte grabbed the lead only to be overtaken right away again by Tremblay. On the bell, Monette passed Hamelin and Hamelin attempted to pass him back on the last straight. They collided entering the last turn and fell. There was contact with Turcotte who was in 2nd and he went down too. As Tremblay exited the final turn, the referee blew the whistle to stop the race. There was a bit of confusion since the race appeared to be over, or at least virtually over. Hamelin was disqualified and the race was restarted almost immediately. The 3 remaining skaters were still huffing and puffing at the start line. Turcotte and Tremblay were also visibly perturbed by the referee's decision to stop the race.

2nd try
1. Tremblay
2. MA Monette
3. Turcotte ADV
Tremblay led this race wire to wire with Turcotte unable to pass Monette. The pace was noticably slower. Several minutes after the end of this race, there was an annoucement that the referee's had used their discretion and advanced Turcotte to the A final.

semi-final B
1. Bedard
2. JF Monette
3. Shoebridge
4. D. Rasmussen DQ
Rasmussen was disqualified for an infraction on the first corner - impeding or off-track. No annoucement was made. There was a lot of bumping as he, Bedard and Monette fought for the lead. On the restart Monette took the lead and was able to qualify 2nd, having been overtaken by Bedard near the end of the race.

Women's finals
A Final
1. Kraus 45.153
2. Gagnon 45.250
3. Avrith 45.353
4. Overland 45.391
Gagnon led the whole way until the last straight when she was passed on the outside by Kraus.

B Final
1. Vicent 45.085
2. Gregg 45.256
3. Lemieux 46.190
4. Ieropoli 46.661
5. Roberge DNS
Vicent passed Gregg on the last straight on the inside.

C Final
1. Leblanc-Boucher 45.112
2. Plamondon 45.181
3. Gauthier 45.564
4. Lambert DQ
This race was also rerun. With 1.5 to go, Lambert, Plamondon and Leblanc-Boucher all went down in the corner. Leblanc-Boucher was passing Plamondon by the outside and Lambert was trying a move by the inside. The race continued for 1 lap before the referees stopped the race. Lambert suffered a laceration to one of her hands.

D Final
1. Truchon

Men's Finals
A Final

1. Tremblay 42.068
2. Bedard 42.164
3. JF Monette 42.264
4. MA Monette 42.311
5. Turcotte DQ
Turcotte was 3rd off the line behind Tremblay and Bedard respectively. There were no moves throughout the race. Exiting the 2nd to last corner, Bedard clicked Tremblay's skates from behind and they both stumbled a little. The finish was very wild with all the skaters trying to get their skates to the line behind Tremblay. Turcotte pulled off an old school finishing move, bringing his back skate almost perpendicular to the ice, and was disqualified. The video review was finally dusted off for this race. Many at the Centre Georges-Vezina were wondering why this did not happen for any of the earlier races.

B Final
1. Hamelin 42.402
2. Shoebridge 42.706
3. D. Rasmussen 42.716

C Final
1. Robillard 41.886
2. Jean
3. Beaulieu
4. C. Rasmussen

D Final
1. Guilmette
2. Therrien

Women's 500m standings after 2 rounds
1. Kraus 1816
2. Roberge 1196
3. Gagnon 1111
4. Gregg 1028
5. Overland 986
6. Avrith 736
7. Leblanc-Boucher 703
8. Vicent 639
9. Plamondon 492
10. Lemieux 381
11. Ieropoli 347
12. Lambert 246
13. Maltais 241
14. Gauthier 236
15. Truchon 127
16. Sevigny 46

Women's Overall
1. Roberge 3374
2. Kraus 3164
3. Overland 3011
4. Vicent 2998
5. Leblanc-Boucher 2812
6. Gagnon 1910
7. Gregg 1479
8. Plamondon 1168
9. Avrith 1072
10. Lemieux 1070
11. Ieropoli 899
12. Sevigny 712
13. Gauthier 656
14. Maltais 588
15. Lambert 539
16. Truchon 300

Men's 500m standing after 2 rounds
1. Tremblay 1816
2. Bedard 1482
3. Turcotte 1443
4. JF Monette 961
5. Shoebridge 738
6. Hamelin 724
7. Guilmette 629
8. MA Monette 613
9. D. Rasmussen 482
10. Robillard 356
11. Jean 290
12. Scholten 196
13. Beaulieu 187
14. Therrien 156
15. C. Rasmussen 152
16. Giroux 86

Men's Overall
1. Tremblay 3964
2. Turcotte 3621
3. Guilmette 2738
4. Hamelin 2562
5. Bedard 2538
6. Robillard 1620
7. JF Monette 1513
8. Jean 1269
9. Giroux 1165
10. MA Monette 1075
11. D. Rasmussen 1060
12. Shoebridge 898
13. Beaulieu 674
14. C. Rasmussen 445
15. Therrien 402
16. Scholten 326

Canada.com | Tremblay, Kraus earn first wins at short track speed skating Olympic trials

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September 5, 2005

Canadian Trials Results - 1500m #2

[Update] Canada.com | Turcotte and Roberge post second wins at short track Olympic trials

Results from tonight's races, 1500m round 2 out of 3:

semi A

1. Anouk Leblanc-Boucher
2. Melanie Gagnon
3. Jessica Gregg ADV
4. Valerie Lambert
5. Annik Plamondon DQ
Plamondon attempted an outside pass on Gregg, who was in 2nd, with 1.5 to go. They bumped, allowing Gagnon to move up the inside and take 2nd.

semi B
1. Alanna Kraus
2. Tania Vicent
3. Raphaele Lemieux
4. Melissa Ieropoli
5. Caroline Truchon

semi C
1. Kalyna Roberge
2. Amanda Overland
3. Nita Avrith
4. Valerie Gauthier

Anne Maltais was also forced to withdraw due to injury. She crashed heavily in the 1000m semi final on Saturday with Valerie Lambert and sustained damage to one of her lungs.

A final
1. Roberge 2:22.899
2. Overland 2:23.029
3. Leblanc-Boucher 2:23.117
4. Vicent 2:23.210
5. Kraus 2:23.387
6. Gagnon 2:23.485
7. Gregg 2:28.670

Overland led during the closing laps, with Roberge 2nd, Leblanc-Boucher 3rd and Vicent 4th. Roberge made one attempt on the inside. She wasn't able to get by but managed to hang on to 2nd place. She then attacked by the outside on the last or 2nd to last lap. The other skaters closed the gap on Overland and Roberge got bumped wide. She carried her speed however and was able to get past Overland and take the lead.

B final
1. Lemieux 2:30.390
2. Ieropoli 2:30.490
3. Avrith 2:30.600
4. Gauthier 2:32.411
5. Lambert 2:36.127

C final
1. Plamondon
2. Truchon

Overall ranking
1. Roberge 3178pts
2. Leblanc-Boucher 2652
3. Vicent 2555
4. Overland 2468
5. Kraus 2164
6. Gregg 1117
7. Gagnon 1094
8. Plamondon 1038
9. Lemieux 775
10. Sevigny 712
11. Ieropoli 658
12. Maltais 588
13. Gauthier 550
14. Lambert 453
15. Avrith 406
16. Truchon 230

1500m ranking after 2 distances
1. Leblanc-Boucher 1666
2. Roberge 1362
3. Vicent 1359
3. Overland 1359
5. Kraus 805
6. Sevigny 666
7. Gagnon 558
8. Plamondon 381
9. Gregg 365
10. Ieropoli 356
11. Lemieux 327
12. Avrith 266
13. Gauthier 260
14. Maltais 241
15. Lambert 163
16. Truchon 116

Tomorrow's 500m heats (unofficial)




semi A

1. Jonathan Guilmette
2. Daryl Rasmussen
3. Nathaniel Therrien
4. Olivier Jean ADV
5. Steve Robillard DQ (had placed 1st)
A pretty harsh call, considering what was permitted in the A final later in the evening.

semi B
1. Mathieu Giroux
2. Mathieu Turcotte
3. Marc-Andre Monette
4. Cory Rasmussen
5. Eric Bedard DQ

semi C
1. Charles Hamelin
2. Francois-Louis Tremblay
3. Remi Beaulieu
4. Jean-Francois Monette
5. Richard Shoebridge

A Final
1. Turcotte 2:13.795
2. Tremblay 2:13.975
3. Guilmette 2:13.986
4. Giroux 2:14.048
5. Jean 2:14.455
6. D. Rasmussen 2:15.310
7. Hamelin 2:30.847

This was a very hectic race with 7 skaters. There was a lot of jostling for position. Guilmette once again showed his willingness to control the race from the front. In the last 5 laps Hamelin attacked by the outside to move into 2nd place ahead of Turcotte, Tremblay and Giroux. On the bell, he set up his corner wide and was really going for it on the outside but stumbled and fell exiting the 2nd to last turn. Turcotte went blazing up the inside to take the lead down the last straight. Tremblay was able to outstretch Guilmette at the line for 3rd.

B final
1. Beaulieu 2:18.775
2. MA Monette 2:18.899
3. JF Monette 2:18.989
4. C. Rasmussen 2:20.075
5. Therrien 2:20.562

C Final
1. Robillard 2:30.415
2. Bedard 2:31.177
3. Shoebridge 2:31.432

Men's overall
1. Turcotte 3178 pts
2. Tremblay 2964
3. Guilmette 2652
4. Hamelin 2200
5. Bedard 1722
6. Robillard 1424
7. Giroux 1165
8. Jean 1109
9. JF Monette 847
10. D. Rasmussen 819
11. Shoebridge 603
12. Beaulieu 544
13. MA Monette 532
14. C. Rasmussen 339
15. Therrien 332
16. Scholten 326

1500m ranking after 2 distances
1. Turcotte 1816
2. Guilmette 1666
3. Tremblay 1482
4. Hamelin 838
5. Giroux 784
6. Jean 738
7. Bedard 513
8. Robillard 448
8. D. Rasmussen 448
10. Beaulieu 401
11. JF Monette 356
12. MA Monette 302
13. C. Rasmussen 187
14. Therrien 176
15. Scholten 130
16. Shoebridge 103

Tomorrow's 500m heats (unofficial)

D. Rasmussen

JF Monette
C. Rasmussen


MA Monette

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September 4, 2005

Canadian trials - overall standings after 3 days

Unofficial overall rankings

1. Kalyna Roberge
2. Tania Vicent
3. Anouk Leblanc-Boucher
4. Alanna Kraus
5. Amanda Overland
6. Annik Plamondon

1. Mathieu Turcotte
2. Francois-Louis Tremblay
3. Jonathan Guilmette
4. Charles Hamelin
5. Eric Bedard
6. Steve Robillard
7. Jean-Francois Monette

Also: TSN.ca | Hamelin, Vicent win at Speed Skating Trials

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September 3, 2005

Canadian Trials Results - Day 3 (1000m)

Note: Sunday is a rest day. Competition recommences Monday with the 2nd set of 1500m races.

Results from tonight:

Women's 1000m

No surprises as all the top skaters qualified. Plamondon placed 3rd in heat 2 behind Valerie Gauthier but Gauthier was DQ'ed for kicking out, which was a very questionable call.

semi A
1. Kalyna Roberge
2. Alanna Kraus
3. Annik Plamondon
4. Anouk Leblanc-Boucher
Leblanc-Boucher fell while attempting an outside pass on Kraus with 4 to go. The referees reviewed the race video but no call was made.

semi B
1. Tania Vicent
2. Amanda Overland
3. Melanie Gagnon
4. Raphaele Lemieux
Vicent's time of 1:32.467 was the fastest of the night.

A final
1. Vicent 1:33.213
2. Roberge 1:33.242
3. Overland 1:33.316
4. Kraus 1:33.456
This was the order off the start and there were no passes in the race. Roberge tried moving up the inside a few times in the last couple of laps but Vicent was skating a good defensive track and was pacing the race very well from the front.

B final
1. Leblanc-Boucher
2. Lemieux
3. Plamondon
4. Gagnon

C final
1. Melissa Ieropoli
2. Valerie Gauthier
3. Valerie Lambert
4. Anne Maltais

D final
1. Jessica Gregg
2. Nita Avrith
3. Caroline Truchon

Men's 1000m

Hamelin showed his 1000m form from last season right away in the first heat, leading most of the laps to a fast 1:25.647 in front of Jean and M-A Monette. Heat 2 was very close as well with Tremblay and Giroux getting through ahead of JF Monette.

semi A
1. Steve Robillard
2. Eric Bedard
3. Charles Hamelin ADV
4. Mathieu Turcotte DQ
Turcotte tried going by Hamelin on the inside with 3 to go. There was contact and Hamelin dropped back to 4th. After a lengthy review of the video, Turcotte was disqualified and Hamelin advanced.

semi B
1. Francois-Louis Tremblay
2. Jonathan Guilmette
3. Mathieu Giroux
4. Olivier Jean

A Final
1. Hamelin 1:25.217
2. Robillard 1:25.388
3. Tremblay 1:25.521
4. Bedard 1:25.572
5. Guilmette 1:25.602

The final was a very exciting race controlled by Hamelin and Bedard. Hamelin grabbed the lead from start position 4 with Bedard sitting 2nd, Tremblay 3rd, Guilmette 4th and Robillard 5th. Bedard went to the front with 7 to go. At the back of the pack, Robillard was able to slip ahead of Guilmette into 4th. With about 5 to go, Hamelin retook the lead. Robillard was also able to move into 3rd as well. The race positions went unchanged until the final lap when the fast pace took its toll on Bedard, who started to lost touch with Hamelin. The other 3 skaters were all looking for space to make a move and it was Robillard who was able to go around Bedard by the outside on the last straight. Exiting the final turn Tremblay and Guilmette both came up the inside of Bedard. Tremblay managed to get his skate to the line first and take 3rd place.

B Final
1. Turcotte
2. Giroux
3. Jean

C final
1. Jean-Francois Monette
2 Marc-Andre Monette
3. Daryl Rasmussen
4. Cory Rasmussen
2 sets of brothers in this race.

D final
1. Remi Beaulieu
2. Nathaniel Therrien
3. Richard Shoebridge

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September 2, 2005

Canadian Trials Results - Day 2 (500m)

Here are results from tonight's 500m races. Looks like the race showed its tendency to generate crashes, with a couple of skaters (Chantale Sevigny and Jeff Scholten) unfortunately sustaining injuries.

[Update 1] Very sorry to have to report that Jeff Scholten's trials are over as his collarbone is broken. What makes this an even tougher pill to swallow is that at the 2002 Olympic trials, he broke his ankle during his very first 1500m and was also forced to pull out.

[Update 2] TSN.ca | Turcotte on track at Olympic trials

[Update 3] Unfortunately, Chantale Sevigny is also out of the competition, due to the leg cut she sustained earlier.


The only minor surprise was Vicent placing 3rd in her heat behind Kraus and Plamondon. Also, Sevigny and Gagnon fell together in heat 2 causing the race to be restarted. Sevigny sustained a minor cut around the knee and did not compete the rest of the evening. No report on the severity of the cut but she was able to leave the ice unassisted.

Semi A
1. Roberge
2. Gregg
3. Gagnon
4. Maltais

Semi B
1. Leblanc-Boucher
2. Kraus
3. Overland
4. Plamondon

Final A
1. Roberge 44.368
2. Kraus 44.682
3. Gregg 44.683
4. Leblanc-Boucher 45.332

Jessica Gregg`s excellent start served her very well this evening as she was able to take the lead in every race. Leblanc-Boucher was 2nd off the line and managed to pass Gregg but had a major slip which dropped her to 4th exiting the corner. Roberge slid up the inside to take the lead at the same time (with 2 to go) and cruised in for the win in a very fast time of 44.368. Kraus snuck inside of Gregg at the finish to grab 2nd by the narrowest of margins. Very impressive skating from the 500m gold and bronze medalists from last year`s Jr. Worlds.

Final B
1. Overland
2. Plamondon
3. Gagnon
4. Maltais

Overland skated most of this race on the outside, taking the lead with 1-1.5 to go.

Final C
1. Vicent
2. Lambert
3. Gauthier
4. Ieropoli

Final D
1. Lemieux
2. Avrith
3. Truchon
4. Sevigny DNS


In heat 1, Hamelin was sitting 3rd behind Scholten and D. Rasmussen with 1 to go when he was taken down by MA Monette. He was advance to the semis. In heat 4, both Jean and Robillard fell on different laps. The fastest time of the night was from heat 1 - Jeff Scholten 41.766

semi A
1. Turcotte
2. Shoebridge
3. Tremblay ADV
4. Scholten DQ

Tremblay had the lead of the start. With 2.5 to go Turcotte was able to make a close pass to take the lead. A lap later Scholten tried to sneak into 2nd but the pass was too close and both skaters wound up falling. It was a very hard crash and both skaters were together when they hit the pads. Tremblay was ok but Scholten was not so fortunate, as it is suspected that he broke his collarbone.

semi B
1. Bedard
2. Guilmette
3. JF Monette
4. Hamelin
5. D. Rasmussen

Monette had the lead off the start but was passed by Bedard mid-race. Hamelin tried to pass Monette on the outside on the last corner and they bumped a little, allowing Guilmette to sneak into 2nd at the line by shooting up the inside.

Final A
1. Turcotte 42.212 start position 4
2. Tremblay 42.288 3
3. Bedard 42.290 2
4. Guilmette 42.442 5
5. Shoebridge 42.584 1

Bedard used his quick start to take the lead at the first corner, with Tremblay 2, Shoebridge 3, Turcotte 4 and Guilmette 5. Turcotte tried moving up the inside on the first straight and entered the 2nd corner along side Tremblay, who retook 2nd immediately. With 2.5 to go Tremblay attempted to pass Bedard on the inside but had to back off as Bedard was skating a good defensive track. As a result, Tremblay lost a little bit of speed and Turcotte was able to pass him on the inside to take 2nd place. The last lap was very similar to the 500m final from the Salt Lake City Olympics. Turcotte made a strong yet very close pass on Bedard on the last straight and Tremblay was able to come up the inside exiting the last turn and grab 2nd by 0.002

Final B
1. Hamelin
2. Monette
3. D. Rasmussen
4. Scholten DNS

Final C
1. Robillard
2. Jean
3. Giroux
4. Therrien

Final D
1. M-A Monette
2. Beaulieu
3. C. Rasmussen

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Canadian trials day 2 - 500m start lists

Here are tonight's heats. The skaters are listed by start position (1 to 4) -- click the continuation link to see the heat lists.

heat 1

heat 2

heat 3

heat 4

heat 1
D. Rasmussen
M-A Monette

heat 2
C. Rasmussen
JF Monette

heat 3

heat 4

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September 1, 2005

Canadian Trials Results - Day 1 (1500m)

[Update] SLAM! Sports | Guilmette, Leblanc-Boucher win opening trials

Here`s the scoop from today:

1500m A final

1. Anouk Leblanc-Boucher 2:26.712
2. Tania Vicent 2:27.214
3. Chantale Sevigny 2:27.423
4. Amanda Overland
6. Kalyna Roberge DQ
6. Alanna Kraus DQ

Roberge and Overland fell in the straight with 8 laps to go. Roberge was able to catch up to the pack with 5 to go. Leblanc-Boucher was leading the last few laps with Vicent sitting 2nd, Kraus 3rd, Roberge 4th and Sevigny 5th. Entering the last corner Kraus attempted an outside pass on Vicent which caused her to stumble. Kraus stayed on the outside and made it around Leblanc-Boucher to cross the line first. L-Boucher was 2nd. Roberge took advantage of Vicent`s stumble to sneak into 3rd. The two DQs knocked Kraus and Roberge out of 1st and 3rd respectively.

1500m B final
1. Annik Plamondon
2. Anne Maltais
3. Melanie Gagnon
4. Melissa Ieropoli
5. Valerie Gauthier
6. Nita Avrith DQ

1500m C final
1. Raph Lemieux (won her heat but was dq)
2. Jessica Gregg
3. Valerie Lambert
4. Caroline Truchon

semis were relatively tame though fast - Turcotte 2:13 in semi 2. The 3rd semi was the toughest with Tremblay, Robillard,Jean, Scholten, D. Rasmussen and Richard Shoebridge

1500m A final
1. Jo Guilmette 2:14.417
2. Mathieu Turcotte 2:14.454
3. Francois-Louis Tremblay 2:14.500
4. Charles Hamelin
5. Eric Bedard
6. Steve Robillard

Guilmette took the lead off the start only to give it up to Robillard for a few laps. With 8 or 9 laps to go he retook the lead, with Robillard in 2nd. There was a bit of jockeying for position behind the 2 of them as Turcotte and Hamelin were readying their attack. Turcotte was able to slide around Tremblay by the outside to get into 3rd with about 4 to go. Nothing changed at the front as the pace quickened dramatically in the last couple of laps. Entering the 2nd to last corner (after the bell) Robillard fell on his own and out of 2nd place. There was a bit of a scramble for position down the last straight but the race positions did not change. A very,very strong race by Guilmette.

B final
1. Olivier Jean
2. Mathieu Giroux
3. JF Monette
4. Remi Beaulieu
5. Jeff Scholten
6. MA Monette

Scholten was sitting 3rd with 1.5 to go when he had a major slip which nearly made him fall. Unfortunately for Marc-Andre Monette, he was a little too close to Scholten and did go down.

C final
1. Daryl Rasmussen
2. Richard Shoebridge
3. Cory Rasmussen
4. Nathaniel Therrien DQ ( the only DQ today in the men`s races) * it might have been Shoebridge DQ and Therrien 2 not 100% on that.

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Canadian Olympic Trials

Canada's Olympic team selection gets underway this evening in Saguenay and concludes Sept. 11. Some anxious fans have been asking where they can find results. I'm happy to say that one of our Canadian connections will be reporting in after competition ends each evening. It is a holiday weekend in America and I will be traveling, but will do my best to get results online as quickly as I can.

Canada's trials are limited to 16 men and 16 women (participants' list here). This is gonna be a helluva meet and I wish all the Canadian skaters the best!

Check Speed Skating Canada for complete results.

P.S. U.S. Olympic team trials aren't till December. For anyone interested in the nitty-gritty, you can download the selection procedures from the USS site.

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July 25, 2005

Canadian 'mock trials' results

With Canada's Olympic trials just weeks away, the Canadian short track team conducted some test races up in Chicoutimi last week. Sixteen men and 16 women preselected based on last year's ranking competed. These are the same skaters who will try out for the Canadian Olympic team at the trials scheduled for September 1-11.

All 32 athletes were invited to a 10 day training camp that culminated with a trials-style event last Wednesday-Friday. They did one distance each evening (no 3000m). Click the link below for results by distance.

Men - 1500m
1. Jonathan Guilmette 2:17.6
2. Steve Robillard
3. Francois-Louis Tremblay
4. Charles Hamelin
5. Remi Beaulieu
6. Olivier Jean

Women - 1500m
1. Tania Vicent 2:31.8
2. Anouk Leblanc-Boucher
3. Amanda Overland
4. Kalyna Roberge
5. Annick Plamondon
6. Raphaele Lemieux

Men - 500m A final
1. Daryl Rasmussen 42.6
2. Tremblay
3. Marc-Andre Monette
4. Mathieu Turcotte

Men - 500m B final
1. Eric Bedard
2. Jean-Francois Monette
3. Hamelin
4. Guilmette

Women - 500m
1. Overland 47.8 (time is slow because the other 3 crashed with 1.5 to go)
2. Leblanc-Boucher
3. Plamondon
4. Jessica Gregg

Men - 1000m A final
1. Hamelin
2. Robillard
3. Tremblay
4. Turcotte

Men - 1000m B final
1. Guilmette
2. Jean
3. Bedard
4. M-A Monette

Women - 1000m final
1. Roberge
2. Leblanc-Boucher
3. Alanna Kraus
4. Vicent

I haven't seen an overall ranking for this event, but extrapolating from the results, it appears as though Francois-Louis Tremblay is the men's overall winner. For the women, Anouk Leblanc-Boucher apparently came out on top.

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June 20, 2005

American Cup 1, plus who's training where

American Cup 1/World Cup team trials
Following up on the World Cup schedule for next season, you might be interested in checking out American Cup 1 in Wausau, WI, taking place September 17-18. This will be an exciting event, as it determines which skaters will represent the U.S. at all four World Cups in the fall.

More information is available from US Speedskating. This is the first of three major domestic competitions in 2005-06 (along with Olympic Trials in Marquette and 2006 World Championships in Minneapolis).

Who's training where
With things gearing up earlier than usual for next season, the skaters have been hard at work for weeks already. A training camp for Category 1 skaters just finished up in Colorado Springs.

Skaters based in Colorado Springs this season are Allison Baver, Bridie Farrell, Caroline Hallisey, Alex Izykowksi, J.P. Kepka, Hyo Jung Kim, Mike Kooreman, Jordan Malone, Apolo Ohno, Rusty Smith.

Training in the Marquette program is the very large group of Ryan Bedford, Kristen Biondo, Kyle Carr, Kimberly Derrick, Adam Duncan, Tina Koenig, Joey Lindsey, Anthony Lobello, Sophia Milan, Amy Peterson, Katherine Reuter, Levi Sinak, Alex Strauss, Chris Weaver, Cherise Wilkins and Carly Wilson, as well as Shani Davis and Travis Jayner for the summer months.

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