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January 26, 2006

Some Apolo updates

1. Read a pre-Olympic departure statement from Apolo about this 'next page' in his journey: check it out over on ApoloAntonOhno.com!

2. New Q&A with Apolo on NBCOlympics.com. Good stuff:

What Apolo thinks of when he hears the name 'Ahn Hyu-soo':
Charles Hamelin ... Mathieu Turcotte ... Li Jiajun ... Lee Ho-Suk ... Fabio Carta ... good skaters.

Q: Is there anything about short track (i.e., a rule) you would like to see changed?
A: Team skating -- more emphasis on regulating. AND to be able to BET on the sport ... gaming!

3. Also, a new AP article: Ohno, Hedrick favored for gold in Torino

Short track is sure to be one of the hottest tickets in Torino. "Oh, I can't wait,'' Ohno said. "It's so beautiful, the people, the culture, and we all love the food. It's going to be spectacular.''

4. Awesome new AAO wallpaper from USOlympicTeam.com... plus a couple new and old Apolo and Rusty video clips I don't remember seeing before!

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January 25, 2006

Apolo & Jordan scans

Thanks to Melissa for the scan of Apolo's photo in US Weekly (with freestyle moguls star Jeremy Bloom) on the left, and to both Melissa and Sue for scanning Jordan Malone's page in Teen People (right):

click images to enlarge

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Apolo in the Oregonian

060125a.jpg Thanks to Linda J for scanning this article that appeared in the Oregonian newspaper last week! This is a cool article that is illustrated with drawings of Apolo and short track.

Apolo Ohno, Back for More (PDF file)

Note: If the file opens sideways, go to View > Rotate View.

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Media roundup [updated 1/26]

Cleveland Plain Dealer | Speedskating success starts right here

Cleveland Plain Dealer | Stars break away over sponsors

The sport's biggest star, Apolo Ohno, continues to work within the organization's framework, but said he has been unhappy with some of its stances on sponsorship.

"There's a lot of conflicts. It's very different from many other organizations," he said. "It's never a good position when you're fighting within your organization."

Xinhuanet | Chinese skaters head for Turin in low profile

Boston Herald | Hallisey on track to Turin

Hallisey doesn’t buy into the notion that skaters from countries like China and Korea, who have traditionally done very well in short track, are any better than the Americans, who also have captured plenty of short track medals. But she does know the sport is far better supported in Asia than here.

Canadian Press | Short-track speedskating team looking to lead medal parade again

Great overview of Canada's short track team and Olympic prospects.

Korea Times | Olympic Team Resolves Victory at Turin Games

The Korean prime minister among other important figures saw the Korean Olympic team off in a pressure-filled ceremony today.

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January 24, 2006

USA to take on Canada in Lake Placid speed skating exhibition

It's official! From a press release by the Lake Placid Olympic Region Development Authority:

Teams Come to Lake Placid for Pre-Olympic Tune-Up January 31-February 1 Before Heading to Torino

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. – The United States and Canadian Short Track Speed Skating teams are making a pre-Olympic training stop in Lake Placid January 31-February 1 as the teams prepare for 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.

The two teams take to the ice in short track exhibitions from 5pm – 9pm both days in the famed 1980 Rink Herb Brooks Arena. The athletes have made the American and Canadian Olympic Speed Skating teams and all are expected to be in Lake Placid before heading overseas to Torino.

Members of the U.S. Olympic team include 2002 Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno, top female skater Hyo-Jung Kim as well as Olympians Allison Baver, J.P. Kepka, Rusty Smith and Caroline Hallisey. Also on the team and making their Olympic debut will be Alex Izykowski, Anthony Lobello, Kimberly Derrick and Maria Garcia.

Skating for the Canadians will be Francois-Louis Tremblay, Mathieu Turcotte, Jonathan Guilmette and Charles Hamelin. Tremblay was part of the gold-medal winning relay team at Salt Lake and was third in the overall standings at the 2005 World Championships.

Daily tickets to the exhibitions are $8 for adults, $5 for juniors/seniors. All seats are general admission.

More info

Although the press release doesn't confirm this, the last I heard was the 3 next-ranked male and female skaters from both countries will take part as well, for a total of 16 skaters from each country.

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January 23, 2006

USOC athlete awards

The United States Olympic Committee has named Hyo-jung Kim its December female athlete of the month (long tracker Chad Hedrick is male athlete of the month). Apolo Ohno was the runner-up in male athlete of the month voting. Details

The USOC also announced nominees for 2005 athletes of the year. In short track, Apolo was named male athlete of the year and Allison Baver female athlete of the year, which puts them in the running to be named sportman and sportswoman of the year.

Congratulations to all for the recognition!

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Apolo in current issue of US Weekly

I haven't seen a copy of it, but Apolo is in the current US Weekly issue, as part of a feature on the Hot Men of the Torino Games (or something of that nature!).

Also, Jordan Malone is featured in the February issue of Teen People magazine in a section on Olympic hopefuls.

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January 22, 2006

European Championships results

The European Championships wrapped up today in Poland. Nicola Rodigari won the overall title after winning 2 golds (1500m, 500m) and 1 silver (1000m). Fabio Carta came alive today to win gold in the 1000m and 3000m after not figuring in the first 2 days of competition, giving the 7-time European Champion 2nd overall. Third place overall went to Belgium's Pieter Gysel who won 3 silvers (1500m, 500m and 3000m).

Evgenia Radanova dominated the women's competition with a sweep of all the major distances. Her golds in the 1500m, 500m and 1000m gave La Radanova her 6th European title. Fifteen year old Italian sensation Arianna Fontana clinched 2nd overall with a pair of silvers (500m, 3000m) and a bronze (1500m). Her teammate Katia Zini came from behind on the weekend to win the 3000m and with it 3rd overall on the weekend.

Italy's men's and women's relay teams were both victorious today.

This is great for the Italians heading into next month's Olympic Games! It's important for them to be considered as medal contenders on their home ice.

Radanova picks her way through the carnage of the 3000m superfinal

Evgenia Radanova (C) of Bulgaria tries to continue the race as Netherland's Liesbeth Mau Asam (R), Hungary's Erika Huszar (L) and Italy's Marta Capurso (in blue) lie on the ice during the women's 3,000m final race of the European Short Track speed skating team championships in Krynica Zdroj, southern Poland, January 22, 2006. Italy's Katia Zini finished first ahead of Arianna Fontana of Italy and Stephanie Bouvier of France. REUTERS/Peter Andrews

Men's 1000m medalists

Gold medalist Fabio Carta (C) of Italy, silver medalist Thibaut Fauconnet (R) of France and bronze medalist Nicola Rodigari (L) of Italy stand on the podium after the men's 1,000m final race of the European Short Track speed skating team championships in Krynica Zdroj, southern Poland, January 22, 2006. REUTERS/Peter Andrews

[Update] The Torino organizing committee is certainly crowing about the Italians' success!

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Olympic short track & ice hockey tickets for sale

Message from Joanna of ApoloPortal.net:

"Since I will be unable to travel to Torino for the 2006 Winter Olympics, I have 2 type A tickets to sell for short track events at the Palavela. The price for the event (day) ticket is $200 each, plus shipping cost. Currently, the short track tickets are sold out, so this is an opportunity to purchase them much more inexpensively than the brokers are selling them for (approx. $300+ each)

Please email me at eclecticat@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing any of these tickets."

Click below for ticket details:

These tickets are for seats on row 7, so you will have a close-up view of the races.

Details for each event (day):
ticket 1
*Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Price $200.00

Start 07:30PM
End 09:25PM
I Short Track
Women's 3000 m Relay Final ;
Women's 1000 m Prelim ;
Men's 500 m Prelim
Venue: Palavela

ticket 2
*Saturday, February 25, 2006

Price $200.00

Start 07:30PM
End 10:10PM
I Short Track
Finals: Men's 500 m ;
Women's 1000 m ;
Men's 5000 m Relay
Venue: Palavela

I also have 5 Hockey tickets for the Women's competition between Russia and Sweden. The price per ticket is $40.00.

5 tickets Section 122 row 9, seats 10-14 (type B)
Palasport Olimpico

Start 03:30PM
End 05:30PM IH112
II Ice Hockey
Women's Prelims (Sweden vs. Russia)

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