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December 24, 2005

Marquette time trials gallery

The 2nd Marquette gallery is up with photos from the time trials on day 1. Below are some of the photos from the gallery.

Merry Christmas to all!

Apolo focuses prior to skating his first time trial

Travis Jayner warms up

Apolo skates in his 1000m time trial

Allison Baver 1000m time trial

Jordan Malone warms up

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December 23, 2005

Apolo on the Today show

Thanks to Sue for the heads-up that Apolo was on the Today show today -- in an interview they taped last month when he was there modeling Olympic apparel. Here's Sue's description:

Apolo did an interview with Natalie Morales. She did a pretty good job and she faked an almost fall on the ice so he could catch her and she admits it was her favorite part of the interview. She said he has a great sense of humor. They showed footage of him arriving at the Korean airport for the WC this season.

See Apolo's November Today show appearance
This is a great opportunity to show you the video from Apolo's Today show appearance last month, modeling the Olympic apparel from Roots. Many thanks to Liz, Maggie and Sonia for making it possible to see this if (like me) you missed it the first time around. Go here to see it.

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December 22, 2005

Pre-Christmas media roundup [updated 12/23]

This is an unbelievable story:

Grand Rapids Press | Caledonia woman headed for Turin as Olympic speedskater

It was Sept. 11, 2001. Kimberly Derrick, then just 16, was on a bus in suburban Paris [for the world in-line skating championships].

"That night, she was the first American skater on the ice [sic]," said her father, Dennis. "French people can sometimes give you the cold shoulder.... But that night, when Kimberly skated out, everybody stood up and applauded. They were with us. I could never explain the pride I felt at that moment."

Marquette Mining Journal | Speedskaters off to Worlds
Three United States Olympic Education Center speedskaters will compete at the World Junior Championships Jan. 6-8 in Romania.

Moz and others have mentioned that Apolo is featured in the Dec. 19 issue of Newsweek magazine with a large 3/4 size photo.

San Antonio Express News | Famous, fast and focused, Ohno returns

"Apolo is one of the only skaters in the world who can break up team skating," said teammate Allison Baver, who also was on the 2002 Olympic team. "It's really hard to do. It takes a lot of skating skill to do it, but he has that ability."

Tallahassee Democrat | Future Olympian home for holidays

Family and friends held a reception for Anthony Lobello Jr. to welcome him back and congratulate him on earning a spot in next year's Winter Olympics. He is Leon County's fourth Olympian and first Winter Olympian. Even Tallahassee Mayor John Marks stopped by to get an autograph.

AP | Speed Skater Bradbury Revels in His Gold

Many still consider it the greatest piece of Olympic luck ever. Whatever, says Steven Bradbury.

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Allison Baver and Rusty Smith to appear in Tournament of Roses Parade!

As athletes participating in Home Depot's Olympic Job Opportunity program, Allison and Rusty will ride on the Home Depot float in the famous parade on Jan. 2. The theme of the float is 'Going for the Gold.'

The Home Depot Float Entry Details: "Going for the Gold" ignites the magic and thrill of the Olympic Games by boasting large floral versions of two of the world's most recognized symbols, the Olympic flame and the Olympic rings. The athletes on the float create a sense of pride in Team USA and prove to children and adults alike that with determination and support, Olympic dreams do come true.
The 50-foot float ...is the fifth float that The Home Depot has entered into the Rose Parade. The flowing Olympic flame uses full roses and carnations, while its urn is decorated with sesame seeds, crushed walnuts and corn husks. The Olympic rings feature statice, ti leaves, carnation petals and seaweed with crushed rice highlights. A majority of the decoration and the float's construction elements have been purchased directly from The Home Depot stores.

Athletes to ride on The Home Depot's float are returning gold and silver medalist Derek Parra (speed skating), returning bronze medalist Rusty Smith (speed skating), Allison Baver (speed skating), Rosey Fletcher (snowboarding), and Brock Kreitzburg and Ivan Radcliff (bobsled).

More info

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December 20, 2005

"[We're] a lot stronger than in Salt Lake''

That was Rusty Smith's assessment of the 2006 Olympic short track team last Friday, December 16. Download the MP3 file from the final press conference in Marquette to hear the women and men who'll be skating for the USA in Torino!

press conference in Marquette with 2006 Olympic short track team

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the press room before they started the women's team press conference, so I missed the opening statement of Hyo-jung Kim. I also wasn't able to edit this clip, so here's a guide to what's on it:

- clip lasts ~17 minutes; file size is 3.9MB
- starts with the women's press conference
- at 5:23, dead air for about one minute
- at 6:22 Derrick Campbell introduces the men's team
- at 16:23 the press conference ends, followed by more dead air

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Ron Judd writes about the skating sensation from Federal Way

No, not that skating sensation. This time he's talking about J.R. Celski, who was too young to compete at trials this year but has set his sights on the 2010 Games in Vancouver.

Seattle Times | Speed demon Celski follows familiar path

[J.R.'s] Olympic dream became "the family project, because we're all in it together," says his mother, Sue Celski. J.R. was clearly too young to move to California on his own.

His parents, Bob Celski, vice president for a local Jiffy Lube franchise, and Sue, a manager at a Federal Way Safeway, each considered temporarily relocating to accompany their son. But J.R.'s oldest brother, Chris, now 24, stepped up to the plate. He moved to Long Beach, found a job and an apartment, and took in J.R. Ever since, the youngest Celski has devoted his life to high school and training for short track.

photo by Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times

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December 19, 2005

NBCOlympics.com has launched!

The site rocks... it's got comprehensive info and coverage of Apolo, short track and all the winter sports and athletes. It's chock full of articles, video clips, photos and more. Tons of short track stuff on there, you can watch EVERY RACE from the 2002 Games and see extensive video interview clips with Apolo Ohno, JP Kepka, Shani Davis, Allison Baver, Yang Yang A and I don't know who else.

There will be more to come when Torino is here but this site is already a fantastic resource. Hats off to NBC on a job well done! Check it out: NBCOlympics.com

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Korean press coverage of Hyo-jung Kim

This is a short but pretty interesting article.

Chosun Ilbo | Korean Skating Prodigy to Represent U.S.

“I never wanted to make her into a national athlete in Korea because of the atmosphere there, where people are so fixated on results,” [Kim's] mother Moon Kyeong-hee says.

[Says Kim:] “Allison always brings me along when she goes on dates with her boyfriend, Ohno, for shopping or to go to Korean restaurants.” Ohno remembers the names of Korean food like Dolsot bibimbap, Yukgaejang and Mandoguk and orders them in Korean, Kim says.

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December 18, 2005

USA Today analyzes medal prospects in Torino

USA Today | Ohno, Kim lead way for short-track team
Ohno and Kim are the only U.S. speedskaters who will compete in all three individual distances plus the relay in Torino. That's a possibility of four medals for Ohno, but neither he nor his biggest fan, his father, are counting. "To expect to deliver the four medals is not going to happen in this sport," Yuki Ohno said.

I have to hand it to USA Today for really knowing their stuff when they write about short track. The attention they pay to Olympic sports year in and year out really pays off when the Olympics comes around again.

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Marquette awards photos

Lots more photos from the awards ceremonies on Friday in the 2006 Olympic Trials Awards photo gallery.

Women's 500m medalists: Halie Kim and Allison Baver (tied for gold), Caroline Hallisey (bronze)

Men's 500m medalists: Anthony Lobello (silver), Apolo Anton Ohno (gold), Misi Toth (bronze)

Women's 1000m medalists: Halie Kim and Kimberly Derrick (tied for gold), Allison Baver (bronze)

Men's 1000m medalists: Rusty Smith (silver), Apolo Ohno (gold), J.P. Kepka (bronze)

Comic relief for the guys as the backdrop falls down behind them!

A lighthearted moment for Apolo at the post-trials press conference

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At last, some press on Anthony Lobello!

It's about time, Florida! I'd say they're pretty excited in Tallahassee. :)

Tallahassee Democrat | Lobello knew Olympics from the start
"It's very surreal for me right now," he said. "Now the competition is over, a big weight has been lifted. There is so much emotion running through my mind right now. It's so amazing that all this is happening to me. "

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