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January 14, 2005

Video clip: Apolo's 1000m semifinal in Harbin


Happy weekend! Here's the latest installment from Harbin, courtesy of Sonia and Maggie. It's an intense 1000m semifinal featuring Apolo Ohno, Hyun-soo Ahn, Ye Li and Steve Robillard.

Download the clip here. (12.3MB, 2:29 playing time)

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January 13, 2005

Special pricing until 1/17 for U.S. National Short Track Championships Tickets

The Milwaukee planning group on Yahoo asked me to pass this time-sensitive info along. If you are planning to attend the U.S. Short Track Speedskating Championships taking place Feb. 24-27, you have until Monday to pre-order your tickets at a discounted price.

You can buy an all-session pass good for the entire competition for $65. Tickets for individual sessions are priced at $10-15 apiece (evening sessions plus Sunday's events are $15). Details, a schedule and info on how to order are included in the order form. Download the order form (2.5MB PDF file)

For more planning info, join the Yahoo group:
Please direct questions there or to the comments area below.

Note: The order form will no longer be available for download on OZ after Jan. 17.

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January 12, 2005

Saguenay relay heat photos

Additional relay photos are in the Saguenay day 1 gallery which is now (finally!) complete.

Alex and Apolo chat while waiting for their heat to begin
Alex Izykowski and Apolo Ohno chat while waiting for their heat to begin

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January 11, 2005

New articles on Torino and the Pac Rim Sports Summit

Denver Post | Golden expectations for Turin

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photo credit Getty Images / Matthew Stockman via Denver Post The 'hey wow, Torino is only 13 months away!' media frenzy continues apace. Although this Denver Post article doesn't focus on Apolo, it did have this pretty picture and mentions his success this season in discussing USA medal prospects in Torino: '...the medal projections are rooted in the recent performances of America's cold-weather athletes. This season ... Apolo Ohno leads the short-track speed skating world in overall points.' Full article

photo credit Getty Images / Matthew Stockman via Denver Post

Seattle Times | Sports summit's top backer will be Boeing

Another Ron Judd update on June's Pacific Rim Sports Summit: "...a few winter sports, notably short-track speedskating, featuring local gold medalist Apolo Ohno, will be thrown into the mix."

Key points:
- Lots of corporate support in Seattle for this event, with Boeing signed on as lead sponsor.
- Seattle is committed to hosting the event in 2005 and 2007 as steps on the 'road to Beijing.' China not yet committed to hosting in 2006.
- Dates for the summit are June 7-12 with an event schedule expected later this month. Tickets go on sale Feb. 1 via Ticketmaster. Full article

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January 10, 2005

New Ron Judd article: 'I'm pretty happy' -Apolo Ohno

Seattle Times | As Olympics approach, Ohno sharpens focus

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image courtesy DEAN RUTZ / THE SEATTLE TIMES The Seattle Times kicks off its Torino coverage today with this feature on Apolo, and Ron Judd demonstrates once again that he's the best in the business at writing about Apolo.

The piece chronicles Apolo's lifestyle at the OTC and the inspiration he draws from living there; the ups and downs of his career since Salt Lake, including the successes, the challenges and speedskating politics; and puts Apolo's relationship with Allison Baver on the record for the first time.

Oh yeah -- what is possibly the first recorded Bad Hair Day in Apolo's life is also duly noted! Read the article


More from the Seattle Times:
- In sport that launched Apolo Ohno, skaters start young — and some never stop (about inline skating)

- Growing Summit to bring more of the world to Seattle
(update on Pacific Rim Sports Summit)

An ad campaign will be launched [this month], a news conference will be attended by USOC brass and athletes, and organizers will announce the schedule, major sponsors and other details, including a TV deal with NBC. Shortly after that, tickets will go on sale, probably in early February.

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Apolo Q&A in Parade Magazine

Here is the little snippet that appeared in Parade on Sunday, Jan. 9:

click to enlarge

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January 9, 2005

Video clip: Apolo's 500m semifinal in Harbin

Here's another exciting race from World Cup #1 in China! Thanks as always to Sonia and Maggie for making this available to us! Skaters in this race are Apolo Anton Ohno (USA), Seung-jae Lee (KOR), Takafumi Nishitani (JPN), Arian Nachbar (GER).
8.1MB, 1:40 playing time

Download the clip here.

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World Junior Short Track Championships Day 3

Junior Worlds concluded today in Serbia. The weekend saw an astonishing number of DQ's and DNF's...

Canada's Kalyna Roberge followed up her gold medal success in yesterday's 500m with silver in the 1000, behind Korea and ahead of Japan. Americans Maria Garcia, Carly Wilson and Jade Wheeler were unfortunately all eliminated in their respective 1000m quarterfinals today. Wilson was oh-so-close to advancing to the semis, finishing just four one-thousandths out of qualifying position.

On the men's side, Joey Lindsey and Kyle Carr were both disqualified in their heats. Three of the five skaters in Lindsey's race were DQ'ed! Jordan Hinke was subsequently eliminated in his quarterfinal, as was Canada's Mathieu Giroux (DQ). The Korean men swept the 1000m finals with lone Canadian Bastille Guillaume 4th.

Koreans swept both men's and women's 1500m superfinals. Roberge is listed as DNF in that race -- here's hoping nothing serious happened there. Canadian Jessica Gregg was 4th and Mika Ozawa of Japan 5th. On the men's side, Mathieu Giroux finished 4th with China in 5th and 6th place.

Only Kalyna Roberge prevented a clean sweep by Korean of the overall classification. She finished 3rd overall, and the USA women showed their strong results this weekend as all 3 finished in the top 15:

Final classification
Women: 1. Sun-young Park (KOR), 2. Ji-soo Jeon (KOR), 3. Kalyna Roberge (CAN), 4. Eun-ju Jung (KOR), 5. Jessica Gregg (CAN), 11. Maria Garcia (USA), 13. Jade Wheeler (USA), 15. Carly Wilson (USA)
Men: 1. Ho-suk Lee (KOR), 2. Hyun-kon Kim (KOR), 3. Yoon-gy Kwak (KOR), 4. Liang Cui (CHN), 5. Quinyu Zhao (CHN), 23. Kyle Carr (USA), 24. Bobby Joe Lindsey (USA), 42. Jordan Hinke (USA)

More info:
Montreal's Kalyna Roberge third at junior short-track championships via CBC Sports

Complete results available at Cyberscoreboard.

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